Men’s Shoes and Socks Match Practical Tips

Look at a man's taste, must first look at his socks. Socks are perhaps the most overlooked item in a man's wardrobe. But details make the difference, and socks make the difference. The window that the man wears a build often goes up in the ankle, it can be worn on socks this detail a quality, wear a style, it is the winning element that the man raises grade absolutely.

The collocation of shoe, sock does not have the invariable rule, to increase individual glamour and temperament, male friends might as well learn the way of the shoe and sock collocation, add a dot for oneself image!

Choose three elements of socks


Choosing a pair of socks during the summer can help you stand out from the crowd. But while ensuring attraction, the most important point in summer is comfortable sex, keep comfortable and breathable in high temperature, the sock of qualitative, natural fiber, bamboo fiber, hemp fiber is a good choice.


When choosing socks, consider whether they fit into your clothes and are appropriate. Cleanliness is also an important part of decency, socks must not be dirty, dirty socks are a no-no for men.
A classic counter-example: Paul, a former President of the World Bank, showed a pair of torn socks during a visit to a mosque in Turkey. For a time public opinion big uproar, individual image cent instantaneous drop.


Be sure to match your socks to the color and style of your outfit. The color choice of socks matches one of the accessories in your overall outfit. In addition, socks are the same color scheme, with different color tones, which can stretch the leg length visually.
For a more American style of workwear, look for socks in gray and other slightly retro colors. And if you're a street kid, or have hip-hop wind and rock and roll wind, cotton socks with patterns are your focus.

Practical tips for matching shoes and socks

1.No-show socks + sports casual shoes

No-show socks are an indispensable choice in summer. Street, yuppie, sports, and casual dress can be easily matched. When you go out, you can wear the no-show socks, roll up your trousers and walk on the road looking like you don't wear socks, natural and unrestrained confidence.
In summer, your feet will sweat easily. For beauty and comfort, choose a pair of comfortable and breathable no-show socks with sports shoes, loafers, canvas shoes, boat shoes, and other casual style shoes, which will not only avoid the embarrassment of showing a corner of socks but also create a fresh and neat feeling in summer.

2.Dress socks + dress shoes

Dress socks are a must on formal occasions. Traditional dress socks are mostly monochrome or simple regular patterns, and the length is appropriate to the calf. Please remember not to wear white socks.
Dress socks and shoes are different for different occasions. On very formal important occasions, dress socks with Oxford shoes, brogues shoes is the best choice, socks choose and trousers, shoe color similar to the design, giving a person a sense of calm and sedate.
If you are attending a casual business Party or gathering, choose a pair of eye-catching socks with brogues, Derby shoes, or other business casual shoes to greatly increase your appeal.

3.Mid-calf socks + trendy casual shoes

Dress socks are not suitable for everyday leisure activities, so you need mid-calf socks that are suitable for everyday life. Mid-calf socks are more flowery in color and design, with more sense of design and creativity, which can instantly ignite the whole outfit.
Try bright argyle pattern, stripe, polka dots pattern, match brown leather shoes, inadvertently show color and pattern, coquettish but not excessive. Tie-in leather shoes are business casual style, tie-in casual shoe, sneaker, board shoe is street tide male dress up. Jeans, polka dots, and brown Oxfords are a good but error-free combination.

4.Fun socks

In addition to fixed styles and patterns, it's also great to choose socks with interesting color patterns. Take "3 socks": two look the same, while the other has the opposite color scheme. A clever combination can make a person shine.
The leather shoes are tough, with the distinctive features of socks, full of elegant ruffians and gentlemen style. With super cool sneakers, running shoes, small white shoes, again street style. If the abrasive leather shoe that tie-in restoring ancient ways temperament, it will suit literary youth, temperament is full mark.

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