Men’s Pantyhose Application Field and Correct Collocation

Men’s pantyhose are pantyhose made specifically for men. Although pantyhose are generally considered to be worn only by women, many men need to wear pantyhose for special reasons. Generally speaking, men such as football players, hunters in cold conditions, horse riders, and divers are required to wear men's pantyhose because of special circumstances. Men's pantyhose are also easy to match other clothes.

The application field of men's pantyhose

1. National Rugby League players wear men’s pantyhose under their uniforms in cold weather.

2.Hunters and campers wear men’s pantyhose to protect themselves from the cold in a cold environment.

3. Worn by riders to prevent bruises and saddle sores.

4.Diver Wear. Some divers have learned that wearing pantyhose or similar clothing under their diving suit reduces the degree of coldness in the water and makes it easier to put on and take off the wetsuit. Tights are also effective against jellyfish stings.

It was previously thought that wearing pantyhose prevented jellyfish stings because the stingers were not long enough to reach the skin after wearing pantyhose, but research has shown that this is because of how jellyfish venomous stings work. The stinger cells on a jellyfish's tentacles don't activate by touch but come into contact with a chemical in the skin.

How to match men's pantyhose correctly

1. Match athletic shorts with men's pantyhose

For boys, when they wear this kind of pantyhose, they usually do sports. They also choose to match some styles of sports shorts, which are more matching and fashionable. For men who like to wear tights, don't pair them with casual, stylish shorts. This will make the man look feminine.

2. Match for sneakers

Since it is pantyhose, this kind of sports pantyhose style is very tight, which can fully show the male figure, and the whole is very attractive and attractive. In the choice of shoe collocation, choose sports shoes more appropriate. After all, men's pantyhose are sporty in their own right, so with sneakers, they look more in sync.

3. Match for casual clothes

There aren't too many restrictions on how to wear a top, and most casual clothes can be worn with men's pantyhose. For men, of course, if you want to be macho, it's best to opt for cooler colors and keep the design as simple as possible.

How to buy men’s pantyhose

1. size

For pantyhose with a supporting effect, you need to consider the supporting pressure of the pantyhose. Look at the scale to find the right size for you and consider the thickness of your pantyhose. Pantyhose that are too tight can be damaged easily, so strong men may need to contact a manufacturer for a special size.

2. color

For those who are just beginning to wear men's pantyhose, flesh color is more appropriate, because it is not easy to be seen, can also reduce the different eyes. Men's pantyhose should be a color that matches well with your clothes and skin. People with normal skin tones should opt for dark pantyhose. Men's pantyhose are lighter for white skin and tan or brown for dark skin.

3. material

The elasticity of velvet is very good but the transparency is poor, the leg looks easy to turn white in the outdoor sunshine, the transparency of beef tendon is good, but too thick is also easy to reflect light, so from the material suggested to choose the thickness of the following 15D beef tendon men’s pantyhose.

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