In winter, how to match socks to light up each pair of frozen eyes

Due to temperature restrictions, many beautiful women were forced to give up their skirts and put on thick, bloated woolen pants and cotton pants. How to make a trade-off between beauty and temperature, is it really impossible to have both fish and bear's paw? The beautiful figures that are constantly flashing on the street tell us that wise women will never be stumped by these problems. Handsome pants are a wonderful expression of the smooth lines of the legs, But using a skirt and a "secret weapon" in winter can also light up every pair of frozen eyes.

In winter, women are suitable for bright reds (positive red, wine red, rose red), green, sapphire blue, black, and white can all create a cool beauty, and the clothes are decorated with ice blue, ice powder, ice green and other colors. Through the contrast of colors, women's stunning temperament is displayed.

The snow and ice closed the ground, but did not seal the women's love for beauty. With the addition of socks in the cold winter, it becomes particularly colorful. The use of heavy colors such as red, pink, orange-yellow, black and brown makes the pale season appear more vivid and lively. However, the task of matching socks in winter should still be warm first. Cashmere socks, cotton socks and wool socks are the best items to keep warm. The clever use of socks and stockings can also add warmth to the beautiful legs under the skirt.

  1. Cashmere socks Stubborn beauty

In the cold winter, women who adore dresses still insist on their beauty. The warmth and comfort of cashmere socks make it stand out from all socks and become the favorite of "dress ladies". The exquisite feel and elastic fabric make a pair of beautiful legs unhurriedly move through the beautiful skirts.

  1. Wool socks

Someone once used wool socks to describe love, saying that love "is as simple and warm as wool socks". Although the humble wool socks lack a sense of fashion, they can give people a warm and peaceful comfort; maybe not as gorgeous as velvet stockings, but they are not lost to any socks in terms of intimate comfort. Someone said that, a pair of thick wool socks represents a tender heart.

  1. Cotton socks

There are no more simple socks than cotton socks. White cotton socks are clean and refreshing. They are a bit more lively when added other colors. They don’t know how to hide their moods and sorrows, shouted out loud when happy, cried when sad. In this tightly wrapped season, it seems that only such simple cotton socks can fully release the voice of the girl.

Collocation scheme:

Option 1: Striped stockings + wool skirt

Casual stockings are the best way to show off your beautiful legs and nice buttocks in winter. They are especially “safe and practical” under the package of snow boots; they can be matched with a rustic white and black skirt, makes people look beautiful and touching.

Option 2: Mesh cashmere custom socks + black coat

Matching black custom socks with a black coat can stretch the lines of your legs and expose a pair of beautiful legs. In order to prevent the colors of the coat and socks from overlapping with each other, you may embroider a grid pattern on the socks. The grid pattern can not only show the gorgeousness of the socks details, but also set the coat to be elegant and delicate, full of feminine.

Option 3: Pure custom cotton socks + snow boots + black knee skirt + white sweater

Wearing white socks for Christmas has a special festive atmosphere. This special dress is only for those who love winter, but the whole body is equipped with white leather boots and a bow wide belt to break the white rigidity and improve the visual effect.


  1. The texture of socks should match the material of skirts, coats and pants. It is not advisable to wear a heavy coat on the top, and a thin stocking on the legs, which will cause the illusion of bloated upper body and empty lower body.
  2. When paired with boots, the length of the medium socks is slightly longer than the boots. Note that the texture of the socks should be different from the texture of the boots.
  3. If you still feel cold when wearing a pair of cashmere socks, you may wish to put on a pair of stockings first, and then put on cashmere socks. This can reduce the space between the skin and the socks, and prevent the cold wind from "invading the air." If the cashmere socks are light-colored, the color of the stockings should not be too dark. It is best to have similar skin color or similar color to the cashmere socks.
  4. Due to the thick texture of winter socks, be careful not to over-tighten or narrow the socks to avoid obstructing blood circulation.