In summer, how to match socks to be cool and comfortable?

Summer is also known as the clothing season. On days when the sun is shining, happiness and beauty always seem to be so easy. Without the restraint of temperature, the summer dress seems more bold and open, in fact, moderate skin reveals more elegant femininity. The endless stream of skirts, hot shorts, and neutral style cropped trousers. Facing the trend passed by the fashion industry, smart women never fall behind.

Wear socks in summer to know women

In summer, a woman's face has a pinkish blush, soft black hair and elegant blue as the background can set off the gentleness and tranquility of a woman. The use of different color can make the overall image fuller.

In summer, women are suitable to wear different colors of pink, blue, purple, and green socks that best match women's skin.

The romantic summer is full of passionate fantasy, this colorful season can set off the midsummer dream of countless girls. The sun is shining brightly in summer, it is easy to sunburn the skin, so the color of socks should be mainly light and reflective. In addition, the texture should also choose a good breathability and soft fit, the length should be moderate, no restriction on legs.

  1. Stockings are more charming

Light and soft stockings are the best stage for showing beautiful legs in summer. Whether it is mesh stockings, transparent stockings or colorful printed stockings, its soft texture and shaping effect can tighten the legs and make the legs more perfect. Stockings worn in summer should not be too thick. Stockings with good breathability can easily release sweat from the legs, leaving the skin fresh and comfortable.

  1. Invisible Socks

Many sporty girls like to wear sneakers or canvas shoes in summer. Boat socks are the best partner for these flat shoes. The invisible boat custom socks can reduce the sweaty feeling of barefoot shoes. When paired with shallow or non-mouth shoes, exposing the lace of the socks can also make the legs more beautiful.

  1. Short socks are more exciting

Short custom socks are the most traditional styles, and socks with different textures can show their unique charm. For example: jacquard socks are a kind of favorite among women. The uneven pattern, soft and intimate feel, soft and charming colors, make it full of popularity in summer, especially with a dress can show women's charming and gentle temperament.

Summer socks matching scheme:

Option 1: Jacquard custom socks + yellow cropped pants

The style of jacquard socks is relatively simple. It does not give too much decoration to the legs, but the rosy dots scattered on the transparent socks surface increase the liveliness of the feet.

Option 2: Transparent blue-gray stockings + shorts

A pair of stockings with shiny texture can make your shorts show your long legs without reservation. You don't have to worry about the beauty of the legs being too naked and losing the temptation. This combination will make you shine.

Option 3: Pink light stockings + silver-gray dress + black lace-up boat shoes

The romantic pink-colored silk stockings are small and exquisite, which is full of women's desire for romance under pure and transparent. If you want something creative, you can pair it with a pair of black lace-up boat shoes with a strong modern urban atmosphere and a gray dress, while decorating, you can also outline a wonderful waist line and ankle.

Summer socks with Tips:

  1. If the color is too bright, the style should be simple to highlight the effect of beautiful legs.
  2. Shiny accessories is another highlight of the match. Gold heels, transparent rhinestones and silver belts are popular hot spots.
  3. Challenge mini skirts and hot pants. There is no reason not to show your beautiful legs. The shorter the bottom, the more formal the top will be, so that the exposed legs can be balanced.
  4. Don't wear short boots in summer. Even short boots with a thin texture can make people feel nondescript.