In autumn, how do you pair your socks with beauty and temperature?

Autumn is the harvest season. Among the golden wheat waves, fashionable women ushered in another peak of dressing. After experiencing the glorious summer, the colorful beauty gradually transformed into mature charm. In the cool autumn days and the knee skirt + socks as home dressing, relaxed and comfortable; when you go out, the dress of the long coat + knitwear + tweed skirt is full of elegance, and then choose a pair of high-quality, fine-crafted socks, it's Coexistence of beauty and temperature. Different socks and different clothes allow you to wear a unique effect.

In autumn, women are suitable for brown, gold and moss-green socks. Milky white sports socks can bring out a natural fresh, confident and elegant temperament. The color contrast should not be too strong. Only the same or different shades colors can show gorgeousness and beauty.

See the season and wear socks

In the cool autumn season, all things gradually fall silent, but the colorful colors have not disappeared with the change of seasons. The bold color matching can make the cool autumn more attractive. The temperature in autumn has dropped slightly. Although there are not many requirements for color in autumn clothing, the color should still be thick and strong; in the choice of texture, cashmere stockings, custom cotton socks, and stockings can all keep warm. The length should be just below the knee or 10 cm below the knee.

  1. Feelings of cashmere stockings

Cashmere socks are thick and warm and comfortable, but it may be too early to wear them in the fall that has not yet entered the winter. Selecting a pair of suitable cashmere socks can keep your legs warm without making the legs look bloated. The combination of stockings and fine cashmere can also show elegance.

  1. Just the right socks

Mid-socks under the knee are the best companions for autumn dresses, especially with the mid-length boots. The faint snippet of socks increased the sense of layering of the legs, and the white space between the socks and the skirt made the legs exude a subtle temptation.

Collocation scheme

Option 1: Rose cashmere stockings + black skirt + white handbag

The most beautiful details should be emphasized. The delicate rose red cashmere stockings can wear a slim, generous and proud feeling. The remaining part naturally belongs to the black skirt with clear lines,wide belt outlines a beautiful waist. White handbags light up the street lights in autumn, and the beauty can be portrayed in a light touch.

Option 2: Medium custom socks + high-heeled boat shoes + jeans

The pairing of medium custom socks with pencil denim skirts is more energetic for women, but it is not cute enough, so it needs to be paired with a pair of pink round toe boat shoes. This rare dress makes you look innocent and as an adult fairytale fantasy style.


  1. The texture should be slightly thicker. The texture of Lycra, thin cashmere and thin cotton is all matched with autumn.
  2. If matched with the skirt, pay attention to the texture of the skirt backing to avoid the embarrassment of electrostatic suction legs. Compared with classic beautiful silk, nylon silk has poor thermal insulation and is prone to static thin legs.
  3. Pretty cropped trousers are the best item for active autumn. Various textures of cropped trousers and colorful socks not only make people warm but also popular fashion in this autumn. Note that the length of the socks should exceed the ankle.
  4. As the weather gets colder, accessories such as scarves and hats are used more and more. When choosing socks, the colors, styles and textures of the accessories should also be taken into consideration, so as not to make it unwieldy.