How to Sell Your Custom Socks Better?

Today's story is about Matt and Mari, an entrepreneurial couple. They co-founded the best man socks company, No Cold Feet, and made a profit selling socks. We may be inspired by their entrepreneurial example.

1.Choose an area of interest

Matt and Mari held their wedding in November 2015. During the ceremony, Matt noticed that the groomsmen wore bright socks that matched their clothes and shoes. He recalled that he had attended three of the four weddings he had attended as gifts of socks. As a result, he thinks there is a big market for groomsmen's socks.
So you can choose some types of custom socks that interest you to develop your own business

2.Choose a memorable name for your band

Matt and Mari discuss how to start the business. One day, as they were walking past the gym after dinner, Mari came up with the name "NO CODE FEET," which means "keep your FEET cold." Matt jumped up and said, "That's a great name!" In addition, they registered their social platforms with their own brand name, which can prevent others from misappropriating their brand on social media.

A simple but fun brand name will always be interesting and easy to remember by people.

3.Use online sales platforms and websites for advertisement

Don't miss out on any social platforms that can promote your product or brand, because they have a huge amount of influence and communication power, and they hide your potential customer. In today's era of so much information traffic, the promotion of different online shopping platforms and social platforms is indispensable. You know, almost everyone likes surfing the Internet. They can order socks from you via the website on their mobile phone and leave a message, which is very convenient.

4.Find a reliable supplier & products design

They started a business in groomsmen's socks. Matt contacted 20 manufacturers and finally selected 6 to get the quotation and samples. If you can't draw a sock design, you'd better hire a graphic designer to help design it.
It is very important to choose reliable suppliers because they have a lot of manufacturing experience and a wide variety of products. In this way, you will have more choices in colors and materials. Reliable wholesalers can deliver goods on time so that your customer's delivery date will not be delayed. And in the pre-sale and after-sales service is also more secure. Long-term cooperation can also get some discounts, which can reduce your purchase cost

5.Good quality socks and pictures

When choosing a reliable supplier, the materials must use and the finished socks are of high quality. For sellers who want to do business for a long time, it is very important to insist on providing quality products.
They invited family and friends to try on the socks to re-verify their quality and comfort. In the end, they chose the most satisfied manufacturer and placed an order. Matt's socks are expensive, but their quality is guaranteed.
In addition, to sell products online, the appeal of pictures is very important. Beautiful real pictures can intuitively show the quality of products, improve the customer's desire to buy. As a result, they put a lot of effort into photography, hiring a professional photographer at a high price. If you know how to take pictures, you can save a lot of money.

6.How to attract and retain customers

Many people have a habit of reading reviews before they buy something, and word of mouth for products and services is in direct proportion to purchase rate. If your store has a large number of five-star reviews, it will definitely attract new customers. You can properly launch some gifts or some discounts to encourage customers who have purchased to give you a positive after-sales review and publicity. Old customer's publicity is undoubtedly a great advertisement. So it's also important to maintain well after sales or customer reviews. Because they are likely to bring you, new clients.

All in all:

• Choose a product you are interested in;

• Choose a memorable name;

• Differentiate your product;

• Find a reliable supplier to control product quality;

• Promote on sales platforms and independent websites;

• Know how to retain customers

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