How to match wool (velvet) socks in winter?

Although the winter is unusually cold, the girl who loves beauty still insists on her own pure land. The combination of skirt and boots can make the cold winter no longer difficult, but how can legs stand in the long run? The most important thing is to keep warm in winter. In addition to the skirt fabric must be textured, thick and warm, the role of socks should not be underestimated. In terms of warmth and comfort, wool (velvet) can be said to have the advantage. Pure wool fabric does not seem to be so thick, but the warmth is very superior. It is light and comfortable to wear, and full of elasticity, which makes people feel beautiful while being comfortable and warm!

Velvet socks are also a good choice, but the cold luster of velvet is difficult to give a visually warm feeling, and cashmere socks can perfectly interpret the natural, restrained and implicit oriental temperament of women. The graceful temperament began to incorporate more popular new elements.

In addition to traditional socks and mid-length socks, cashmere materials have also been used for stockings and socks. Colorful socks and mysterious stockings have been added with cashmere, which can not only continue the trendy fashion, can also be more considerate to women's legs.

The soft feel of the wool (velvet) socks makes it fit the legs completely. You don’t have to worry about making your legs look bloated. You can match with wool coats, skirts, pants, boots and even sandals. However, you should pay attention to the material of the clothing while matching, avoiding the embarrassment of "top-heavy" and "foot-heavy".

Wool socks matching program:

Option 1: Wool (velvet) custom socks + dark green wool skirt

The seemingly dull apparel collocation is actually another world. Adding a little bright silk to the wool socks makes the sock itself look more eye-catching; with the dark green wool skirt, you can adjust the lightness and darkness of the color and shape the leg While making the transition of colors more natural.

Option 2: Wool (velvet) custom socks + floral floral skirt

Coffee and pink floral design make the skirt look messy, but it is greatly improved with a pair of solid color wool (velvet) socks. The vertical stripe pattern on the wool socks can dilute the colorful floral pattern of the skirt, making the skirt look refreshing but not simple.

Option 3: Wool (velvet) short socks + black yarn skirt

Although the fabric of the skirt is too thin, the black tone can increase the thickness of the skirt and complement the socks. Another advantage of short socks is that they can be completely hidden in the shoes. Even if they don't match the skirt, it will not hinder your beauty, and it will make your feet warmer.

Option 4: Wool (velvet) custom socks + pointed shoes + black jacket + cropped pants + purple scarf

The most important feature of wool socks is that it looks warm and soft, which can reduce the extra heavy weight of the tops. It looks smart and handsome when paired with cropped trousers, pointed shoes and black jacket. If you are worried about the cold winter, you may wish to pair it with a deep purple cashmere scarf to create a "warm winter" atmosphere.

Option 5: wool (velvet) custom socks + leather sandals

Applying the court elements of lotus leaf lace to high-heeled sandals makes a bold attempt. The slender design of high ankles allows women to show beautiful curves in cold winter. With wool (velvet) socks, thin sandals have changed The fate of "top-heavy" and more comfortable feeling of warmth and fashion. In the overall dress, high-heeled design is a key to enhance the temperament, eliminating the mediocre sense that flat shoes bring to wool (velvet) socks.