How to match the mid-length socks to be pretty?

Mid-length socks generally refer to socks that are longer than the calf to about 3cm above the knee. This sock is the best choice for conservatives, and the requirements for leg shape and body are not very high. Especially put on a short skirt or shorts, leaving a line of sky between the skirt or trouser legs and socks, so that the thighs are looming in the cover, it will definitely make people fascinated.

Another advantage of mid-length socks is that it can increase the layering of legs. Many women like to wear mid-length socks when wearing boots. Exposing a sock at the boot makes the legs have a three-dimensional sense and makes the whole dress full of vitality , Especially the matching of the same color but different shades, can catch everyone's attention and become the focus of vision.

The mid-length socks have a wide range of matching, and can be worn with shorts, short skirts, cropped trousers, boots, flat shoes and high heels. If you usually wear skirts, and you are a woman who loves casual dresses, you must remember to prepare a few pairs of mid-length socks in the wardrobe. Although there are many fancy styles, as long as you pay attention to the color matching, no matter what style of skirt is matched, you can wear a cool feeling.

Matching scheme:

Option 1: Mid-length socks+bud shorts+princess shirt

If you have a pair of slender legs, you may wish to choose a mid-length elastic socks, socks close to the skin of the legs can fully reveal the beautiful lines of the legs. In addition, in order not to make the socks look too monotonous, you can grab a little wrinkle at the knee, which can increase the layering of the legs. If you want to wear this mid-length custom socks better, then teach you a trick to match, with a bud shorts and a princess shirt, this can add a lot of impression points to the overall effect!

Option 2: Mid-length socks+short skirts+hat

The brown skirt is matched with the gray mid-length custom socks, which can neutralize the grayness of the color and make the color tone softer, which is outstanding and warm. If you feel that the overall image is still a bit dull, you can also pair it with a brown hat. The same-color hat can make the image more complete and make the beautiful legs more attractive.

Option 3: Mid-length socks+short skirts+sleeveless shirts

The black and white match is too old-fashioned, but simply decorating this mid-length custom socks with white stripes at the cuff is full of sports, and it can also show the visual effect of thin legs. When a lot of exercise is needed, this outfit is a good choice. Combined with sexy shorts and sleeveless shirts, it can make you stand out from a lot of "weak" protection objects and become the focus of attention.

Option 4: Mid-length socks+Suede Boots

Dark gray mid-length socks paired with a pair of black suede boots, not only can highlight the noble suede boots, but also can make dark gray socks look very elegant. If you want to avoid such a monotonous match, then pair it with a pair of light gray socks to make the color change more interesting, and the overlapping of the two layers of socks can visually create a slender calf effect.


Mid-length socks with taboo

Mid-length socks can be matched with any clothing, but when paired with shorts or skirts, it is best to leave a 10-15cm gap between the shorts or skirts and the thighs, so that can show legs curve maximally. Take control of the blank space. The wide space is easy to divide the body into several segments visually, and the person looks relatively short and fat. The narrow space will weaken the layering of the body proportions and make the lines of the legs not prominent.

It should also be noted that tight-legged knee-high socks have high requirements for leg shape, and knee-high socks often expose or even magnify the shortcomings of O-shaped legs and thick calves, so choose carefully.