How to match short socks to be full of movement?

Short socks, especially custom athletic socks, are more and more favored by many young girls, especially invisible socks, which not only removes the restriction of long socks on legs, but also makes the legs more breathable and comfortable, and it's also easier to match with shoes and clothing. For a girl with a pair of charming long legs, the short socks can also maximize the beautiful legs curve, and at the same time skillfully stretch the legs to make the lower body ratio closer to the "golden section".

If your leg shape is not perfect, wearing short socks should be matched with pants or long skirts. This can not only conceal leg defects, but also use short socks to highlight your own advantages. Generally speaking, invisible socks are more suitable for sneakers, canvas shoes, shorts, etc., to wear dynamic and vitality. However, if you want to make socks better, you must also combine your leg shape and clothing.

Collocation scheme:

Option 1: short socks + canvas shoes + sports shorts

When wearing sports shorts and canvas shoes, you may match a pair of white custom athletic socks and fold the socks into several stacks. The purpose of this is to make the socks just fit at the ankle and form a natural transition with the curve of the ankle. Visually, Creates a contraction effect, making the calf look more even.

Option 2: Short socks + Boots + Pleated Skirt + Bat Shirt

Red short socks reveal boots slightly, and the sock piled up stacked folds at the boot that create a handsome and special three-dimensional effect with the skirt, which has a wonderful sense of balance. Socks that are slightly tighter than the boot can create a sense of slender legs, in stark contrast to the loose top.

Option 3: Short socks + Boots + Tights + Miniskirt + Fur Jacket

In the cold season, a combination of a mini skirt and a fur coat can make you look good, but if you want to make yourself more charming, pay attention to the decoration of your feet. With a pair of short socks and boots to highlight the charm of your legs. If you are worried about the cold in winter, beautiful women can also match a pair of net socks or custom knee socks, this mix and match method can not only let you not worry about the cold wind attack, but also wear socks out of personality and fashion.

Option 4: Short socks + short boots + ultra short denim skirt

Black short socks with a pair of black short boots are particularly handsome and neutral. It can reduce the excess weight of the body and show the legs as much as possible. It is also a good choice to match a denim short skirt and striped long T-shirt. Debuting in this relaxed and hot style will certainly add a lot of charm to youth.


Option 5: Short socks + Pantyhose + One Piece Skirt

Casual short socks are matched with one-piece skirts and metal belts, it's easy to dress up a fashionable style. The combination of cropped pants and socks is a taboo, but the ingenious pleated short socks can highlight the legs line, it can offset the lack of matching with the cropped pants.

Taboo of short socks

Taboo 1: Short socks + cropped pants

The length of the cropped pants is just below the knee. If they are paired with short socks, the overall sense of the legs will be destroyed, and the lines of the legs are weakened, which makes the legs appear short.

Taboo 2: Short socks + boat shoes

Many women like to wear a pair of short socks when wearing boat shoes. In fact, this is not good, especially the combination of boat socks and pants. Properly exposing the skin on the feet can make the whole shape more natural. In addition to boat shoes, flat shoes with no heels or only one strap on the instep need not be paired with socks.

Taboo 3: Silk short socks + skirt + sandals

Although the silk socks are close to the skin color, the color of the sock is still different from the skin. If you wear a pair of short socks with skirts and sandals, the sock edges will inevitably be exposed, make people feel "low". It's very different from the whole shape. It is recommended not to wear socks at all, and barefoot shoes can also be sexy.