How to match long socks to be charming?

Long socks refer to socks that are 5-10cm above the knee, generally referring to stockings, but as socks become more and more popular, the height of socks of ordinary texture also begins to increase, and some even reach the thigh. Long socks can subtly conceal imperfect leg shapes, especially when paired with boots and flat shoes of the same color, it can make the short boots more like the long boots and extend the legs to the bottom of the skirt indefinitely, stretching your legs in the looming temptation. Therefore, no matter what length of skirt can be matched with long socks, there is no need to worry about exposing areas that should not be exposed, magnifying the defects of the legs. In the cooler spring and autumn seasons, in addition to being a "warm jacket" for legs, a pair of long socks is also a very stylish accessory for wearing out.

Another advantage of long socks is that the height can be adjusted. When the weather is warm, the long socks can be pulled down; when the weather is cool, the long socks can be pulled up, which is very convenient. If you are quite confident in your leg shape, you can also try to make some folds at your knees, which will make your legs more three-dimensional and playful and cute.

Matching scheme:

Option 1: Long custom socks + sports hot pants

When wearing white sports hot pants, paired with a pair of black and white striped long socks can leave a feeling of heroic sway. The length of the socks should not be too long. It is best to leave a little space between the hot pants and the socks to expose the thinnest part of the thighs, to enhance the sexy femininity with a sporty texture.

Option 2: Long custom socks + fur vest+round swing skirt

The luxurious fur waistcoat can weaken the single feeling brought by the black long socks, and the soft round skirt can increase the warmth that is lacking in winter. Covering the edge of the socks with the skirt can make the overall line smooth, creating a one-stop effect.

Option 3: Long custom socks + bud skirt + ultra-wide polka dot belt

Although black long socks are not bright, but with a silver geometric upper outer garment, ultra-wide polka-dot belt and high-waist bud skirt can highlight your own advantages. The simple colors and styles of socks can visually reduce the overly messy feeling brought by skirts and accessories, and make the overall image more unified.

Option 4: Long custom socks + black shorts + red casual shirt

The gold and black leopard long socks are the most popular styles, and the combination of shorts can make the beautiful legs fully show, full of dynamic and wild vitality. If you match it with a red casual shirt, it will make you more dazzling, walking in the crowd is the most shining star!

Taboo of long socks

If you are a professional woman and you must wear black shoes when wearing a formal professional suit, then be sure to match with long socks (pantyhose) close to your skin color, and do not choose other colors such as black and purple, do not choose short socks.