How to Match Knee-Length Socks in Summer?

How to match knee-length socks in summer? The following are various collocations for your reference.

1.The black high-waisted mini skirt is simple and stylish, and the cute animal long-socks are very cute and vivid.

The animal-controlled girls can choose this kind of socks, with a simple white polka dot shirt, plus black platform shoes, very fashionable and sweet, whether walking on the campus or shopping, it will be a beautiful scenery.

2.Black and white plaid high-waist mini skirt, simple yet personal, with black thin long-socks that are both ladylike and sexy, plus a white lace slim bottoming shirt, and a pair of pink thick heels, the overall feeling is very sweet.

3.Loose dark blue pleated mini skirt with simple thin long-socks and loose navy white student style shirt, it feels like going back to the high school years, if you want to be sexy, you can match a pair of black stiletto heels, cute and youthful, at the same time it is very feminine.

4.The gray knee-high long-socks are paired with black locomotive leather jackets, which are cool and sexy. The floral skirt adds sweetness. When cool and sweet coexist, the visual effect is absolutely attractive.

5.The light-colored collocation walks the streets of Spring, fresh and lovely, candy-colored long-socks with flat casual shoes, a symbol of youth, a display of vitality, and a perfect expression of academicism.

6.The combination of youthful vitality and maturity and beauty, a simple T-shirt with a plush jacket has a touch of maturity, and the combination of denim hot pants adds a little rebellion and sexy to this maturity. The long socks with different colors add to the legs a sense of hierarchy.

7.Black thigh long-socks, a time-honored popular item, the knee stripe design makes the color of the socks no longer monotonous and has a sporty texture. It is full of vitality with the white printed T-shirt dress.

8.Long-socks + long sweater

Long sweaters with trousers are not good-looking. And it is awkward to bear legs. Usually, wear a pair of leggings or over-the-knee boots, but in fact, over-knee long-socks with a sweater will also be very good, youthful, and smart, this matching makes you cool.

9.Over-the-knee long-socks + Pleated short skirt/bag hip skirt

Pleated short skirt + white shirt and knee-length long-socks, giving a feeling of Japanese cute girl, suitable for soft girls, girls with strong feeling wear this matching aura better, shows long legs, it can be said to be very versatile.

10.Over the knee long-socks + shorts

Basically, over-knee long-socks should be paired with short clothes, such as shorts, short skirts, hip skirts, and these clothes are looser and more versatile, such as shorts to wear loose, but if the body is good, the color matching can be willful collocation.

11.Mid-knee-socks + Lolita girl

Lolita girls' dresses are very popular now, and many girls like this style of clothes when they start cosplay. The princess-like clothes plus a soft sister's socks will look good together.

12.Mid-knee-socks + uniform skirt

Wearing clothes similar to Japanese uniforms with mid-knee socks is very nice, and they look very foreign. Generally, these uniforms are tall and thin, everyone can wear them, low requirements for the body.

13.Long-socks with Dots, Stripes, Diamonds

Thick long-socks exude a sense of innocence and playfulness. The use of red and white makes long-socks simple and straightforward colors instantly playful and cute, easily attracting attention. If you like a low-key style, you can choose a color similar to shoes or pants.

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