How to make your custom socks match your dress up today

How to make your custom socks match your dress up today? How to wear a formal suit without losing fashion sense? Besides the accessory ornament of tie, bag towel, brooch, a pair of outstanding socks also is very important factor. By a pair of eye-catching socks, you can easily light up the whole body.

Sometimes, a pair of socks can reflect a person's taste and style. Here to share some socks selection tips, let you easily overcome the socks collocation problem.

Comfortable: Choosing the right pair of socks in the summer can help you stand out from the crowd. While guaranteeing attraction, the most important in summer is comfort. When choosing socks to match in summer, the primary consideration is comfort. Hot summer, in the heat to stay comfortable, breathable, is the socks need to pass the first test. So on material qualitative, besides cotton qualitative, natural fiber is the most appropriate fabrics undoubtedly, bamboo fiber, hemp fiber is right choice.

Appropriateness: When choosing socks, remember that matching your shoes is only one thing, and consider whether they fit your clothes are appropriate. Different occasion, different types of socks, you should have know this truth. There are a lot of socks in the collocation of matters needing attention, can not be ignored.

Harmony & Color: Last but not least, it is important to know how to choose the color of socks. Must notice in the collocation of sock "corresponding " this concept. Choose your socks according to your overall dress color and style, it is a good idea to match the color of your socks to one of your overall accessories. Choose a pattern from one of your dress up, then choose a pair of socks of same design and color to undertake collocation, cannot make an error certainly. Another small tip is to visually stretch your legs by choosing socks colour close to shoes and pants.

The must-have socks in your closet:

1.Dress socks

Formal dress socks are a must on formal occasions. Common sense with everybody, the suit of formal occasion is worn, the color of sock should want to choose the stocking with suit same color is first selection.In general, I don't recommend white socks. If you're not Michael Jackson, you’d better not wear a pair of plain white socks in a suit and an Oxford. As far as length is concerned and the length of calf is advisable. The reason is simple, it can effectively ensure that when sitting, cross your legs, do not show thick leg hair.

Different occasions, different formal outfit socks, not be to take out a pair of casual socks from a closet to be able to be used to match formal outfit, in important occasion or very formal circumstance, formal outfit socks should choose the design that is close to with pants, shoe color, that will make you looks sedate. If you are going to a Party or gathering, it is also a good idea to choose a pair of eye-catching socks to enhance your attractiveness.

2.Mid-calf socks

Dress socks are not suitable for daily leisure activities, then it is necessary to put on a pair of socks suitable for daily life. As the highlight in male socks, this kind of design is more flowery in design and color, originality is also a lot of, can instantly ignite whole outfit.

Because of its strong plasticity and collocation, this length of socks is an important element of street culture. Every fashionable man and street teenager likes to wear sneakers with mid-length socks and shorts.

Mid-calf socks are also a good choose for business casual. Recommend to socks below this kind of circumstance add regular pattern or colour, such as rhomboid and dot, can reduce the depressing sense of solid color collocation form formal suit. Put a little idea into the details to make it look more exquisite. Inadvertently show a bit of colour and design when walking, make you appear more artistic feeling.

3.Interesting socks

In addition to traditional or ordinary design and pattern, the socks with a few interesting and colorful patterns are also a great choice in the collocation of socks. You must have saw this topic #Shoe Sock Combo# on instagram. In this kind of style, socks and shoes are a whole almost, have extremely highly harmonious, the key is enough funny. Wear it, you are the center of the world. This requires that the pattern of socks need to be novel, creative, enough to attract people's attention.

Socks often represent your personality and taste. Custom socks from us is not expensive. In order to let your whole dress up look more harmonious and not lose fashion sense, the best way is custom different design and color of socks to match your everyday different dress up.

Custom socks, we have infinite possibilities and rich experience. We can't wait to customize the suit and fashion socks for you.