How to Identify Cotton Socks?

We all know that pure cotton socks are soft, comfortable, sweat absorbing, deodorant, and breathable. Pure cotton socks absorb sweat and make you feel dry and comfortable in summer.

Especially thick ones. As long as you change a pair of socks every day, you won't smell or feel wet. This is good for people whose feet sweat easily.

How to tell if your socks are pure cotton:

(1) Touch. Pure cotton fabrics feel plump and thick, and look the same thickness as fabric, pure cotton feels firm and strong.

(2) Look. If there is any flash of pure cotton fabric, use both hands to flatten the fabric and add a certain tension. The fabric is at a 45-degree angle to the body downward, and look for dazzling light against the light source. If there is, it will prove that there is chemical fiber.

(3) Pinch. There are obvious folds after kneading pure cotton, fold the fabric in half with nail scraping, and there is a clear fold line after unfolding, while there are no folds after kneading chemical fiber.

(4) Burning. Cotton fiber close to the flame does not melt and shrink, contact with the fire immediately burning, burning there is the smell of burning paper, burning out after the small and soft gray black and white floccule ashes, no burning hard particles or blocks.

Everybody likes to order custom socks online now, so to pure cotton socks this concept is not strange also, but do you know how much cotton is in pure cotton socks? I'm sure most people think that pure cotton means all cotton. Of course, it's 100%.In fact, this statement is wrong.

In general, socks will add some functional fiber to maintain the elasticity, firmness, and comfort of socks, and better fit the foot to prevent falling off. Like polyester, spandex, polyamide fiber is a very common functional fiber in socks. That pure cotton is to point to contain how much cotton content to be able to call pure cotton? Pure cotton is to show cotton content is in 75% above, can call pure cotton.

If a pair of socks is made of 100% cotton, then the socks will be completely inelastic, not wear-resistant, easily deform, loose, and easily fall off. It is not suitable for everyday wear and comfort.
So pure cotton ≠100% cotton content.Pure cotton = more than 75% cotton content. The socks that contain cotton content in 85% commonly are very high-grade cotton socks. So don't be surprised if the ingredient list doesn't say 100% cotton, because more than 75% cotton is pure cotton.

How do you make sure your socks are pure cotton?

It is important to choose a reliable custom sock wholesaler. Providing quality cotton socks will increase your customer satisfaction and will go a long way in maintaining your business. The quality of cotton socks is important whether you use them or sell them.

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