How to Customize the Appropriate Sports Socks?

Sports socks are necessary for us to do sports. A pair of professional sports socks allows you to move more comfortably and makes your feet safer.

Sports can please people, but some sports enthusiasts to outfit doesn't matter, especially the socks are always can not get the attention they deserve, socks is always ACTS as a foil in the shoe has long been regarded as mainly rely on shoes to protect feet, however, must pay attention to the socks is the most closely with the feet, if incorrect socks, shoes can cause direct damage to the feet.

Nowadays, many people like to customize their own sports socks, because such socks are more suitable and characteristic.

Custom sports socks usually have arch compression in the leg, which are ribbed to improve blood flow in the small legs, relieve muscle soreness, and improve performance.

The sole of the socks is terry, which can absorb sweat and provide comfort. The sock body is dry and has no peculiar smell. The heels and toe of socks will also be thicker to protect the feet better. So, there are a lot of differences between sports socks and regular socks. Professional custom sports socks are more suitable for your sport.

No exercise should be done barefoot in sneakers, even if it's just a 10-minute walk. After a football game or a GYM class, the feet often are found to have blood blisters. In addition to the possibility that shoes do not fit the feet, the improper wearing of socks is also an important reason.

How to customize a pair of socks suitable for exercise?

There are four rules for custom socks:

1.On the choice of material can choose the pure cotton quality of a material.

Pure cotton socks mean that cotton material accounts for more than 70%, not 100% cotton material. Pure cotton material is soft and absorbs sweat, which makes it feel comfortable to wear, especially on the field trip. The disadvantage is that cotton fiber wet function is not very good, cotton fiber wet after, dry very slowly, if in the rainy summer for many days of activities, as far as possible do not wear pure cotton socks.

2.Sports socks are required better wrapped and elastic.

So it's important to have a compression arch in the middle of your socks. Good elastic socks will cling to your feet and won't slip. Socks with poor elasticity are easy to be deformed after washing, and the various parts are not uniform, so people will feel foot grinding during exercise. So when customizing sports socks, you can add elastic fibers to the material.

Knowing the material of a sports sock before you customize it can help you choose the right sock material. Sports socks are usually made of cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, lycra, and other materials. Socks made of nylon yarn are very hard-wearing. Its wear resistance is 10 times that of cotton fibers. So nylon and polyester are also popular materials in custom sports socks.

3.Sports socks are not as thick as possible.

Want to choose thin according to specific circumstance decision or thick, generally speaking, the person that the foot perspires easily, appropriate chooses slightly thick; Instead, choose a thinner one. Some sports, such as badminton, socks are too thick to affect the feeling of the feet, so customize a bit thin. In addition, if you have an ankle injury, you should wear thick socks, which can stabilize and protect the ankle. In addition, custom sports socks can be added with a breathable mesh, which both breathes and helps to accelerate perspiration.

4.Wear different custom sport socks for different sports.

Some sports with strong antagonisms, such as football and socks are generally mid-calf or knee-high. The purpose is to protect the calf, so it must not be neglected in sports. However, the length of sports socks for running does not need to be so long. Generally, crew socks are enough.