How to Customize Socks for the Old Man?

Why do old people need socks?

1.Old people are susceptible to cold.

Socks can be said to be good foot care for the elderly. Whether it's hot in the summer or cool in the fall, seniors should wear socks and keep the soles of their feet dry throughout the day to prevent fungal erosion and infection.

Your feet will sweat in hot weather, especially if you wear plastic sandals, sneakers, and other shoes with poor air permeability. When you're not wearing socks, the soles of your feet touch the soles of your shoes, such heat and humidity can cause a fungal infection.

2.Wearing socks can also reduce the risk of trauma infection.

Usually if barefoot wearing shoes, the elderly foot skin is exposed to a large number of germs in the air is very easy to adhere to it, also easy to abrade, broken skin, thus causing infection. Your feet will be well protected if you wear socks at all times.

3.Avoid keratosis and dermatitis.

When you often do not wear socks, feet, and shoes direct contact, easy to make the heel, toe, and other parts of the cuticle longer thicker, increased the chance of callosity, namely calluses and corns extremely high.

4.In addition if a few old people are allergic to the material of the shoe such as leather, rubber, the barefoot is worn can make the place such as instep, toe and shoe rub appears skin aglow, papule, rise blister wait for a condition, cause contact sex dermatitis.

What kind of custom socks should old people wear?

Socks directly touch the skin, comfort is very important, a little discomfort will give sensitive skin to bring hard stimulation. Old people wear socks in winter to keep warm and protect themselves from the cold.

From the point of view of choice, easy to sweat feet should choose a better permeability of cotton socks or wool socks, easy to dry feet should choose cotton socks or nylon socks. Old people should penetrate gas, hygroscopic, discharge wet good sock, the ability is helpful for the volatilization of foot sweat.

Summer high temperature, do not have to keep warm, but from the beautiful and comfortable point of view, summer or go out with socks appropriate, on the one hand, can decorate the legs, bring visual aesthetic feeling, expression of courtesy and respect for others.

On the other hand, wearing socks can prevent the discomfort caused by sweating in barefoot shoes. Socks protect the feet by slowing the friction between the shoes and the feet and by reducing the damage and irritation caused by long walks.

In addition, in the process of travel, socks to wash and change frequently, in that way can prevent foot disease, increase the comfort of wearing. Custom summer wear socks, preferably silk, bamboo, nylon, spandex, and polyester.

We have a variety of custom socks materials, you can choose according to your own needs.

Precautions for old people wearing custom socks.

It is very important to old people to choose the right socks, especially the tightness of the sock cuff. A lot of old people slip to prevent sock, like to wear sock cuff a few tighter, even ankle department took out red mark, very adverse to health.

The ankle is an important pass of blood circulation in the feet, if the sock cuff is elastic and appropriate, venous blood can flow back to the heart through the ankle smoothly, if the sock cuff is too tight, easy to make the ankle out of red marks, will also lead to venous blood stasis around the ankle, aggravating the heart burden, time will increase the risk of hypertension.

The socks that buyback, if sock cuff is too tight, use irons wisely to widen your socks. Look for a piece of cardboard with a moderate width, hold sock cuff up, in the sock cuff of two sides place gently each iron, so, originally too tight sock cuff can lose a lot of.