How to Customize Boat Socks Online?

What are boat socks?

Boat socks are very short socks, it called low-cut ped socks. How short is it? When you put the shoes on, the sock is completely hidden inside the shoes (or can only be seen at the edge of the sock), the sock top is below the ankle, and the sock has an opening at the feet back.

The name "boot socks" comes from the fact that the socks are shaped like a boat and are no longer than the ankle, so they are also called "ankle socks," "super short socks," or "invisible socks".

Boat socks are a special kind of socks because they are different from ordinary socks. This is loved by fashionable young men and women, especially in the summer, when bare feet are uncomfortable and regular socks are too hot.

This is the time to wear a pair of breathable and beautiful invisible socks, both comfortable and beautiful. These socks will not visually shorten the length of the leg, making it look longer.

Why choose boat socks?

The biggest advantage of boat socks is that boat socks are very short socks. When you put on shoes, you can't see the socks inside. Even if you can see them, you can only see the edge of the socks.

Besides, it is hot in summer, wearing other socks will feel hot, while wearing boat socks will be cooler. Still have a point, boat hosiery is very versatile, suit to match a variety of shoes, suit to match canvas shoe, board shoe, sneaker to wait for the low top shoe.

What are the benefits of wearing boat socks?

1, Now a lot of people wear small leather shoes, like the soul is bare, to wear boat socks;
2. It is convenient for women to wear shoes because some shoes need to wear boat socks to be more beautiful.
3, For example, in summer, the feet are relatively wet, wearing sandals version, wearing other socks is not comfortable, so wear boat socks, shoes will be easier to wear a little right, can also keep the feet and shoes dry, not a foot will sweat in the shoes slippery.

We usually make 200N custom boat socks, which are a kind of dress socks.

According to gender birthday socks can be divided into:
1.Custom men’s boat socks,
2.Custom women’s boat socks,
3.Custom children's boot socks;

According to materials difference, custom boat docks could be divided into:
a.Customized cotton socks
Cotton is one of the best materials and is commonly used for socks as it is light in weight and absorbs moisture. The cotton fabric is washable and is quite durable as well.

The biggest characteristic of cotton socks is soft, skin-friendly, and non-irritating. It's very comfortable to wear. Cotton socks absorb sweat and make you feel dry and comfortable in summer. In addition, pure cotton socks do not stink easily.
b. Customized nylon socks c. Customized wool socks

Custom boat socks with the colors you can choose:

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. Usually, no more than 6 colors in a dress sock per design, and a maximum of 5 colors for athletic sock per design. For customization, please provide the Pantone color that you want.

3 easy steps of how to custom boat socks online:

1.Select a sock. Search the socks on the YINUO socks home page to choose your socks kinds. size and color preference.
2.Design your sock:Email us your artwork or photo to create your socks. Design formats: PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.
3.Place your order:We'll start making the socks for you and ship them to you within one month.