How to custom suitable baby socks online?

The necessity of wearing socks for babies:

1.The baby is in a period of constant growth and development, and its organs and systems are not mature. The body temperature regulation function is also so immature that it has not fully developed and adapted to the outside climate. Therefore, it is easy to catch cold.

  1. The skin on the feet of newborn babies is very delicate. In addition, with the growth of age, the range of movement of infants is expanded, especially the activities of lower limbs.
  2. On the other hand, the range of activities is large, the baby's skin contact with the outside environment more, some dirty things, such as dust, line and other harmful substances containing bacteria, can be through the baby's delicate skin invasion of the baby, increase the chance of infection, put on socks on the skin to keep clean and hygienic role.

So there are many benefits to wearing socks.

How to choose the suitable size socks for your baby online

Before customizing socks, it's better to measure the baby feet size, the sole of foot actual length is the best size : the most reliable sole actual length of plus or minus 1 cm range are absolutely safe, such as baby foot 10 cm long, choose 9-11 cm length socks is absolutely no problem, if special fat, increasing size.

After all, the baby is growing, so when buying socks must be bigger than smaller, if you buy a big can wait for the baby to grow up and then give him (her) to wear, if small is a waste of resources.

Many mothers will have such confusion, how to custom baby socks size? Here are some common questions moms ask when ordering:

1.Q:The baby's feet are 18cm long. What size socks should I choose?

A: 15 -- 19cm, 17 -- 19cm, 18 -- 20cm. These sizes are all available. It is recommended that if the foot length has been 18cm, do not buy 16 -- 18cm socks, even if now bought to wear, the baby grow quickly, wear not long time will be small

2.Q: What is the mean of the size of socks is 14-16cm?

A: Sock size is not a fixed number, but a range. For example, 14-16cm means the sole of the socks is 14cm long and can be stretched to 16cm. That is to say, it is suitable for feet with a length of 14-16cm. Instead of asking people to choose between 14 and 16 cm, whether it's 14cm, 15cm or 16cm and so on.

3.Q: What is the difference between 12 -- 14cm and 12 -- 15m?

A: 12-14cm means the sole of the socks is 12cm long and can be stretched to 14cm. 12 - 15cm means the sole of the socks is 12cm long and can be stretched to 15cm. It indicates that 12-15cm socks are more elastic than 12-14cm socks, and the suitable size range is also larger.

Choose custom baby socks, you can customize different size to fit your baby foot at different times and also avoid not being able to find the suitable size.

Some baby friendly baby socks features:

1, Short leg socks: the baby's feet and adults are different, no ankle, calf is also very short.There is a short piece of the sock.

2, Looser cuff: the cuff of the socks to be wider, elastic moderate, open and cover in the baby's ankle will not pull flesh.

3, Loose foot socks: to the growth of the baby's feet left room, not easy to break.Cut your baby's toenails often.

Choose baby socks with non-slip particles:

Non-slip socks: the sole of the socks has a soft rubber pattern, which can prevent the baby from falling when running and jumping.

In city household, general family sitting room and children room are given priority to with wooden floor. Adult changes slipper, and the baby still cannot effectively "control" slipper, best way is to do not let the baby wear slipper, put on the anti-slip sock that agrees with season photograph directly can.

It is recommended that families with babies do not have stone floors. Stone floor is easy to slip, causing the baby to fall. And the stone is cold, the baby easily catch cold. If the baby must be on the kitchen and bathroom balcony, the remedy is to give the baby a pair of soft soles (note that the soles are not slippery), but not slippers.

Please note: non-slip socks are worn outside socks, try not to wear in shoes, wearing soft shoes inside should also wear ordinary socks.