How to choose the style of socks?

If you match it well, you can show the trendy side, but if you want to try it, there is still a blank in your mind. So, what kind of socks can become a fashion item?

1) "Crew streath" casual socks made of cotton without patterns, the length reaches the middle of the ankle or knee. The length may vary from person to person, but various styles can evolve according to the combination of shoes. According to the color sense or design, it can be matched with various shoes such as sports shoes, leather shoes, military boots, etc., and the utilization rate is very high.

2) The knee-length high socks occupies about half of the leg, so they can be used as an eye-catching fashion item. From the most basic models to dots, patterns, stripes, etc., there are a variety of designs that can add highlights to monotonous dresses. Because of its long length, it is mainly matched with skirts with a length above the knee.

3) Short socks. This is a simple and most widely used single product. Whether it is skirts or pants, including matching dresses, it is also a good item. As the highlight of the overall dress, its length is somewhat short. Therefore, it is better to choose socks that suit the overall atmosphere rather than a particularly conspicuous style.

4) Boat socks. One of the most popular fashion socks, boat socks, is one of the most practical fashion socks that can be worn in spring, summer and autumn except in winter. Its characteristic is that it looks like you don't wear socks. Those who want to highlight the highlights of the shoes are recommended to choose this one. Because this socks has an invisible style, it is suitable for sports shoes, leather shoes and flat shoes.

5) Over-knee socks to the knee. That is, the length of the socks is above the knee. Also called "stockings", mainly used for women or children. Because it is a long-length socks, it is suitable for embellishment from color or design. You can challenge a variety of colors or use mesh and see-through materials to exude a unique style, mainly with mini skirts or hot pants.

6) Colorful socks. Color socks that are reminiscent of the rainbow are the best items for embellishment. Once you fall into the charm of colored socks, it is difficult to extricate yourself, so it is also a socks for enthusiasts. If you have a sense of fashion and feeling, you can try the colorful socks full of charm.

7) Pattern socks with diamond patterns. Although the pattern itself is gorgeous, it can be matched with suits or dresses according to the color. Because the pattern socks themselves give people a classic feel. Both men and women, young and old love this kind of socks. When wearing a dress, choose bright diamond-shaped socks; when wearing a simple suit, choose black and white patterns as embellishments.

8) Loose socks. If ordinary socks are close to the feet, loose socks are different. Although it is knee-length, it looks loose overall. Mainly socks worn by Japanese female high school students when they wear school uniforms. However, the recent loose socks have been replaced with appropriate pleated styles, which are very suitable for daily wear and are very popular.

9) If it exceeds the ankle, calf or knee, it will reach the thigh! "Thigh socks" whose length exceeds the thigh. It is not so much socks, as it is the feeling of silk stockings, mainly matched with mini skirts or shorts. Charm socks that highlight curves, show sexy and sporty style. It can also be matched with a variety of shoes such as sports shoes, leather shoes, boots and military boots.

10) Socks and boots. Is it socks or shoes? Sock boots, which have recently become a new trend, refer to boots like socks. Its characteristic is that the ankle part is close to the leg line, giving a feeling of wearing socks on the boots. Therefore, there is no need to wear socks when wearing shoes. The utilization rate is very high, because the ankle is tight, the ankle will look very thin. All clothing from pants to skirts and dresses are suitable for matching.

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