How to Choose the Right Sports Socks?

Sports can be enjoyable, but many sports enthusiasts don't care about sports socks and end up with blood blisters and sprains like a sprain after a game or a run. In addition to the fact that shoes don't fit, the function of socks is not to be underestimated. After all, socks fit the feet most closely, so you need to correct the prejudice that your feet depend on shoes to protect your sports.

Shoes can be classified as athletic, casual, or business, and likewise, athletic socks need to be matched with related attributes. When exercising, wear socks that suit you and can greatly reduce sports injuries. So, how do you choose the best sports socks for you? When wearing sports socks, what are the points worth noting?

How to choose the best sports socks for you?

First, the elasticity of sports socks is better.

Elastic socks do not slip easily. And inferior athletic socks can be out of shape after washing, fiber knot is mass, bring about each place to be not uniform, the person can feel to grind a foot in motion. Therefore, in the purchase of socks, to see whether the elastic fiber socks ribbit fracture, if there is, that is certainly inferior products.

Second, it is the material that should choose the pure cotton quality of a material.

Pure cotton material soft, sweat absorption, wear very comfortable, in the movement of the joint can be very good to protect the feet do not wear bubbles, with worsted cotton material for the best, the disadvantage is that pure cotton products easy to pilling, and after washing dry slower.

Third, choose thin and thick according to their own circumstances.

Generally speaking, the foot is easy to perspire the person, appropriate chooses slants thick; On the other hand, choose a slightly thinner one. If there is an ankle injury, it is recommended to wear thick socks to stabilize and protect the ankle. Of course, if that's not the case, opt for a pair of all-season sports socks.

Precautions for wear sports socks

1. Pay attention to the inner thread

If a pair of sports socks because of workmanship problems, there are more threads inside, often cause foot, toe wear. If you don't care about appearance, try wearing sports socks inside and out. This will make the top of your feet feel more comfortable and will increase the friction between your feet and the midsole for better stability. The defect is besides not beautiful outside, still make easily inside the shoe drop a few types of wool.

2. Understand the correct cleaning method

Different brands of sports socks have different cleaning requirements, improper cleaning method is easy to cause a pair of sports socks in the foot sense, the performance of the package.

3. If the sports socks are thicker, running shoes can choose half a size

Wearing thick sports socks can make your feet "grow," and you're likely to squeeze in running shoes, which requires special attention.

4. Different styles

The athletic socks of different styles differ somewhat on the function, should undertake choosing according to oneself demand.

5. Daily wear is not recommended

Especially in summer, if not to run, wear a pair of thick sports socks in hot summer, down for a long time, easy to cause foot discomfort, also easy to affect the effect of wearing sports socks informal sports.

A pair of sports socks doesn't have to cost a whole lot of money, and not only do they protect your feet, but they also provide some protection for your running shoes. In general, sports socks have good cost performance.

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