How to choose the right socks?

It is said that the foot is the second heart of a person. For the health of your feet, a good pair of socks may be just as important as a good pair of shoes. According to the latest article in the magazine <YueJi> in China, there are three situations indicate that your socks should be eliminated.

  1. Loss of elasticity. Socks lose their elasticity, which will increase the friction with your feet. Not following your feet when walking or exercising. If your feet are sweaty, you will feel slippery and easily injured.
  2. Heel became thin and had holes. Socks will inevitably become thinner over time, which can also cause feet injuries or blistering.
  3. Not comfortable to wear. When your feet are uncomfortable, such as tightness, itching, and obvious marks, it means that the socks are not suitable.

How to buy the right socks? In response, some professional custom sock manufacturers made the following recommendations:

  1. Do not choose wool socks. Socks made of this material do not absorb sweat well, and they can easily put your feet in a wet state and cause blisters. Under normal circumstances, it is best to choose custom cotton socks, but if you go for exercise, it is recommended to buy custom athletic socks, sweat absorption effect is better.
  2. Fitting and size are very important. The socks should be fitted perfectly and should not be too tight or too loose. Socks that are too large can cause extra friction and damage the skin on the feet.
  3. Pay attention to fiber density. When buying socks, you should pay attention to the fiber density of the socks. It is not recommended to buy too loose. In addition, each person should also prepare a few pairs of high-quality socks such as split-toe socks and arched socks.
  4. Keep below 4 methods in mind when choosing socks.
  5. Not too loose or too tight. Otherwise it will affect blood circulation.
  6. The surface of the sock should be smooth.
  7. The cuff is flat and free of skew.
  8. The needle structure should be clear, and there should be no exposed thread on the pattern, toe, and heel.
  9. The color should be consistent with the shoes as much as possible. When buying children's socks, the lighter color is preferred. The brighter the color, the more chemical ingredients are added.
  10. Preferentially choose cotton fiber-based socks with appropriate amount of elastic fibers.
  11. Consider its purpose and wearing object. For example, daily wear should be comfortable and breathable; sports wear should be soft and wear-resistant; sweat feet should buy cotton socks that are breathable and absorbent; dry feet buy polyester and nylon socks with poor hygroscopicity; children's socks should try to choose socks with simple structure, light color, and smooth surface, do not choose the socks that the thread are exposed outside, try to make children comfortable and relaxed.

Tips for washing socks

When washing the socks, do not rub them with force to prevent the socks from slipping or breaking after strong friction; the water temperature should not rise above 40 degrees when washing the socks, otherwise the socks will shrink and the sock bottom will become smaller , or even make the socks harden and deteriorate. In order to maintain the original luster of the socks, it is best not to use soap with too much alkali. Just rub it gently with your hands, rinse it with clean water, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

If you have better suggestions, welcome to discuss together.