How to choose the right socks

In our daily life, perhaps because we are too busy, we ignore many details in our lives. For example, have you ever noticed whether your socks are suitable for you and whether they are comfortable? For the sake of our health, what kind of socks should we buy?

What socks should the elderly wear?

Older people need to penetrate the air, good dehumidification socks, in order to facilitate the evaporation of foot sweat. In terms of texture, the speed at which bacteria multiply on socks is polyester, nylon, wool, cotton yarn, and silk stockings. Therefore, it is better for older people's socks to be wool, cotton or silk.

In order to prevent socks from falling, many elderly people like to wear tight socks, and even have red marks on their ankles, which is very unhealthy. The ankle is an important gate for blood circulation in the foot. If the tightness of the socks is appropriate, the venous blood can smoothly flow back to the heart through the ankle. If the sock is too tight, the venous blood that should have flowed back to the heart will be stagnated near the ankle, which will increased the burden on the heart and cause high blood pressure over time. If the socks you buy that are too tight, you can use the iron to “widen” the socks: find a cardboard box with a moderate width, support the socks, and gently iron the socks at both sides, originally tight socks can be much looser.

What socks should baby wear? Can baby wear socks to sleep?

For children who cannot take care of themselves, it is good to wear socks to sleep. However, it is not good for children to wear socks when they grow up, because socks can affect blood circulation. If the baby's metabolism is strong, sweat glands are more developed, and the feet are prone to sweat. Wearing socks all night is not good for baby's feet to breathe, prone to beriberi.

What socks are good for warmth?

Winter is here, and it's really necessary to buy a good pair of warm socks to protect your feet. So what socks are better for keeping warm? In fact, the best socks for keeping warmth are rabbit wool socks or wool socks.

What socks to wear on sweaty feet?

Socks for patients with sweaty feet should be clean and made of cotton, wool or other absorbent materials. Do not wear socks made of nylon. Frequently change the socks if necessary to keep your feet dry. Of course, good hygiene is essential: washing socks, insoles, washing feet, changing shoes, and disinfecting measures. Secondly, take the vitamin B group orally to regulate the secretion of foot sweat and keep the feet dry and healthy, so as not to give bacteria a chance to regenerate.

What kind of socks prevent foot odor?

  1. Bamboo fiber socks, why wear the socks of bamboo foot won’t stink? It is made of natural growing bamboo as raw material, made of bamboo pulp by high-tech methods, spun into yarn, and made of socks. And bamboo fiber has a unique long and empty structure. Bamboo fiber socks have the characteristics of breathable, sweat-absorbent, soft and comfortable. There is a natural antibacterial substance in bamboo called bamboo-kun, so the bamboo fiber socks have the special function of natural antibacterial and antibacterial, deodorant and deodorant, which can effectively remove odor and make feet dry and comfortable.
  2. Wear cotton socks. Cotton socks have better breathability. Generally, foot odor is caused by socks that are not breathable and the feet sweat. Good cotton socks will not have athlete's foot as long as you pay attention to hygiene. I want to remind everyone here that no matter what socks you wear, pay attention to hygiene. Wash your feet frequently to avoid foot odor. What socks to wear to keep your feet from smelling is just a solution, washing and cleaning is the key.

Although the socks are small, but can not be underestimated. A good pair of socks, a pair of suitable socks can protect the health of the feet and save us a lot of trouble. If you are worried about choosing the right socks, then seek a manufacturer of custom socks to customize your own socks! Whether it is custom baby socks or custom elderly socks, there is nothing you can't think of, nothing they can't do.