How to Choose the Color of Custom Socks?

The color of socks should be chosen according to the color of clothes and shoes. In general, the color of socks can be the same or match the color of clothes and shoes.

For example, wearing a white T-shirt, wearing a pink skirt and a pair of white canvas shoes, then you can choose a pair of white socks or pink socks, so match up is very perfect, will not feel very strange. The color of the general sock is ok the color that follows the dress, the shoe is the same, but also wants specific analysis according to the specific case.

Color selection tips for socks

As a transition between shoes and clothing, socks should not only consider the color of upper and lower clothing but also consider the color of shoes.

The basic color scheme is that the socks should match the upper garment and the shoes should match the lower garment. Socks' color should be a shade lighter than shoe colors.

The effect of socks on leg shape

For short women or women with short legs, choose socks that make your legs look longer. For example, when wearing a knee-length skirt, the function of socks is to connect the knee-length skirt and shoes without appearing abrupt.

Light-colored shoes are paired with nude or white socks. Dark shoes can match dark gray, transparent gray, transparent black socks; When knee-length skirts are light in color, no matter the color of shoes should match skin color stockings.

There are so many different colors of clothing that everyone must have different colors in their closet. But do you have enough socks in different colors to match your everyday clothes?

If not, then you can choose to customize your socks with a variety of different colors, designs, and materials to match your various fashionable looks.

Types of custom colorful socks:

According to technology differences, custom colorful socks usually divided into 3 major categories:
1.Custom Colorful Dress Socks
Suitable for both business and casual wear
2.Custom Colorful Athletic Socks
Suitable for doing different kinds of sports
3.Custom Colorful 360 Degree Sublimation Socks
4.Custom Colorful 360 Degree Sublimation Socks

Unlike knitted socks, printed socks allow you to print the picture you want on the socks, which compensates for the pattern that can't be knitted.

Custom colorful socks allow different lengths. You can choose from the following socks lengths:
1)No show/invisible socks
2)Ankle socks
3)Quarter socks
4) Crew socks
5) Mid-calf socks
6) Knee-high socks

If you have special size requirements, you can also send customized detail requirements to us.

According to gender custom socks can be divided into:
1.Custom colorful men’s socks,
2.Custom colorful women’s socks
3.Custom colorful children's/baby socks;

Custom socks with the colors you can choose:

On the colorway, you can choose a custom monochromatic sock with a single color and no design pattern. These socks look very simple and versatile. You can also opt for custom colored socks, a pair of socks that blend different colors.

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. Usually, no more than 6 colors in a dress sock per design, and a maximum of 5 colors for athletic sock per design. For customization, please provide the Pantone color that you want.

YINUO is a professional socks manufacturer for custom socks, with 9+ years of customized experiences & more than 100,000 custom designs for overseas markets. We have a wide variety of socks, not only ordinary knitted socks, sports socks, performance socks, sublimation socks, baby socks, printed socks, etc., but also some special socks, such as tights, fuzzy socks, twisted socks, glass stockings, etc.

3 easy steps of how to custom colorful socks online:
1.Select a sock. Search the socks on the YINUO socks home page to choose your socks kinds. size and color preference.
2.Design your sock:Email us your artwork or photo to create your socks. Design formats: PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.
3.Place your order:We'll start making the socks for you and ship them to you within one month.