How to choose sports socks

How to choose sports socks
Sports can bring joy to people, but some sports enthusiasts don't care about dress, and often find that their feet have blood bubbles after a ball game or a training class. In addition to inappropriate shoes, socks may also be worn inappropriately. How to choose a pair of socks suitable for sports? There are six principles.

1. Choose cotton
In the choice of materials, we must choose pure cotton. The cotton material is soft and sweat-absorbent, and it feels comfortable to wear, especially in outing sports. The content of cotton is better than 50%, but do not buy 100% cotton socks, because cotton socks without elastic fibers such as Lycra are not elastic and are not suitable for sports socks. The shortcoming of the cotton material is that the cotton fiber is not very good at dehumidifying. When the cotton fiber is wet, it will dry slowly. If you carry out activities for many days in rainy summer, try not to wear pure cotton socks.

2. Socks have better elasticity
The socks with good elasticity are not easy to slip. The socks with poor elasticity clump together after washing, causing the socks to deform and uneven parts. People will feel their feet rubbing during exercise. When buying socks, it depends on whether the elastic fibers at the waist (claw) of the socks are broken. If they break, they must not be bought.

3. Sports socks are not as thick as possible
According to the specific situation, decide whether to choose thin or thick. In general, people with sweaty feet should choose thicker socks; otherwise, choose thinner socks. Some sports, such as badminton, too thick socks affect the foot, so buy thinner socks. In addition, if the ankle is injured, thick socks should be worn to fix and protect the ankle.

4.To participate in certain projects to wear special socks
For some items with strong resistance, you must choose special socks. Such as football, socks have a high waist, the purpose is to protect the calf, must not be ignored in sports.

5. Choose light-colored socks
Choosing light-colored socks has two advantages: first, it is easy to find abnormalities in both feet for timely treatment; second, to avoid dyes hurting the feet, some dark socks of unqualified quality discolor and irritate the skin.

6. Cuff is loose
Select cuff with special sock knitting techniques. Ordinary socks have tight cuff that are not suitable for sports. The cuff with special sock knitting technology will not be too tight, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation in the feet and legs.

In addition, if you sweat a lot during exercise, the socks will harden after drying, so it is best to wash your socks after each exercise. Also, check the socks over every time you wear them, and cut off any loose threads.

Tips for washing socks
1. Some socks will become hard after washing, what should I do?
Answer: It is due to the aging of fibers and the deposition of impurities. In the absence of softening liquid, you can use boiling water and washing powder to cook for 20 minutes, and then it will be as soft as new.

2. Some thick cotton socks have no elasticity after being washed for a while, what should I do?
Answer: Put a little bit of vinegar in the last wash, or soak it in the water that has been washed with rice for a while and then wash it, then dry it to keep it soft.

3. White socks are difficult to wash, what should I do?
Answer: According to experience, add a small amount of 84 disinfectant in warm water, soak for 10 minutes, and then scrub with whitening soap. (84 disinfectant liquid supermarkets have sold)

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