How to Choose Socks for Smelly Feet and Sweaty Feet?

Many friends will have bad feet and sweaty feet when wearing socks. Even some friends wear socks more badly. So how should we choose socks in these situations?

1. What socks should I choose for severe foot odor?

Most of the socks on the market are made of cotton and mixed fibers. If your feet smell particularly bad, it is recommended to choose socks marked with 100% cotton.

2. What socks should I choose for severe wear?

If your feet wear socks every time, no matter what shoes you wear, they will wear out more severely than others, but there is no foot odor or foot sweat, then it is recommended that you choose nylon socks, which are more wear-resistant, but have poorer sweat absorption.

3. What socks should I choose when my feet sweat badly?

If your feet sweat a lot, but there are no other problems, it is recommended that you also choose 100% cotton socks, which are more absorbent and comfortable to wear.

For people with sweaty feet, it is best to choose more comfortable socks, which are just right to wear and do not feel tight. Such socks can also reduce sweating.

If your feet have two to three conditions at the same time.

Then it is recommended that you choose cotton socks with a nylon content of 20%. This type of socks not only absorbs sweat, prevents foot odor, but is also very wear-resistant.

In addition, if you don't have foot odor or sweaty feet, you can also choose acrylic socks. Such socks have better water absorption than nylon and are relatively comfortable.

There are usually some socks on the outside, and the marked ingredients do not match the actual ingredients. Therefore, it is recommended that you have foot sweat and foot odor. It is best to go to a regular store to buy, or you can choose customized socks. YINUO KITTING socks customization is recommended here. Socks can be customized according to customer needs. The technology is excellent and the product quality is good.