How to Choose Men’s Socks?

As a fashion man, in addition to the clothing wear above must master some skills, some details of things can not be ignored, there are really a lot of bits and pieces of sock match knowledge, but the collocation of socks is really good important. But most guys tend to overlook these problems, so today I'd like to share with you some tips on how to choose a high-quality pair of socks.

The classification of men's socks

Generally speaking, there are three types of socks for men:

1. Dress socks

Dress socks are essential for white-collar men and should be worn with suits and formal occasions. Dress socks ask thickness is moderate, length is below knee 10 centimeters or so, clingy with the skin, no matter sit or stand, ankle all cannot appear wrinkle, trouser foot place also cannot show leg ministry skin, the color had better with plain color, with same color design also pretty good.

2. Casual socks

Casual socks are often called short socks and can be worn throughout the year. Manufacturing materials to cotton, wool, artificial wool, wear casual socks to pay attention to the color of clothing and shoes.

3. Sports socks

Generally speaking, sports socks are the first choice for boys in mountaineering, running, and other sports. Compared with other types of socks, the most prominent feature of sports socks is whether they have terry to absorb shock, to minimize the possibility of the occurrence of risks in the process of sports, which is also extremely important for sportspeople.

The correct way to wear men's socks

1.Don't let socks degrade your taste

Small as they are, socks play an important role in men's clothing. So, men, if you can, have a special cupboard for socks! Keep a stock of socks suitable for different occasions. When you buy socks, it's best to buy three pairs of each style in case you need to change them in time. The color of the sock should match the color of the pants first, and then the shoes. The ideal sock color is slightly darker than the pants but lighter than the shoes. Be sure to buy socks a size larger than your actual size, because socks will shrink after washing.

2.Socks suitable for different clothes

Professional dress socks: Wear wool or cotton stockings in dark, solid, neutral colors.

Professional casual wear: stockings or 7 cent socks made of wool or cotton blend. The socks should match the pants

Elegant casual wear: Wear multi-colored argyle cropped socks or small patterned ones that match the color of the pants

Casual wear: When you're casual, wear socks that flatter your personality

Sportswear: Different sports shoes have special socks, generally, white sports socks are given priority to

Evening dress: Black silk stockings

3.Socks are used to match pants

When matching, pay attention to the color of the pants, not the shoes. Except for jeans, your socks should be the same color as your pants, or a little darker. Because go out outside, besides sitting position can show the sock below the pants leg, also can encounter the occasion that needs to take off a few shoes, must not take off shoe because of the sock.

4.White socks are only suitable for sports

If you've graduated from high school, don't go out in white socks unless you're running, playing ball, working out, etc. Imagine wearing a suit and black shoes, but showing white socks when you sit down with a co-worker. It's not a man of style.

5.Fashion shoes require fashionable socks

If you happen to be a fashionista, you can't go with sporty cotton socks, which can ruin your stylish shoes. The sock that general sport fastens is relatively loose, in shoe muzzle, the easy pile becomes a heap, not what delicate collocation absolutely. Sleek fashion socks are much more fashionable.

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