How often should you change socks

As a rule of thumb, we found women change their socks more often than men in daily life. Considering a large number of jokes about “a smell of men’s socks“, the following question arises: “And why men, except for some persons, so irresponsibly treat the personal hygiene? Laziness or economy on new socks? Normally, it is recommended not to wear a pair of socks more than 3 days. In the circumstance that the condition permits, the proposal changes everyday, keep the dry of the foot, not only can avoid the generation of disease of the foot effectively, still contribute to prolong the life of the sock.

What dirty socks threaten for health smelly

And if not to sneer a situation, then men who do not take care of hygiene can face very unpleasant consequences sooner or later. First of all, this disgust from people around you.

Each woman, at the sight of the man sees three main things:

cleanness of footwear; cleanness of nails; smell of socks. If the man had high physical activity.Secondly: these are serious inflammatory processes with fungal infection. If not to change often socks, especially during the warm period of time, then there will be a strong interring standing. Concerning underwear, its infrequent change can lead to infectious process, the caused streptococci.

Interesting facts

According to researches which were conducted by sociologists it became clear that single men, then married change socks and underwear much less often. The main argument of the bachelor – why to change, for the sake of whom? As do not twist, but emergence in life of the man of the woman plays a large role in the solution of a question of dirty socks.

Why women so catch an unpleasant smell of socks? Scientists came to a conclusion that men are more inclined to a smell of tobacco, alcohol, and here the smell of socks does not confuse them at all.

Each man determines the frequency of change of socks and underwear itself, but you should not forget about the health. Well, and secondly, nobody knows, then this day and where you appear will end: in the native apartment or on a visit the friend. Ideally the man has to change socks every day, if possible, two times per day is better.