How does A Boy Match Socks with Himself?

With the gradual improvement of people's recognition of fashion, more and more people begin to pay attention to the collocation of their own clothes. Of course, socks are also an integral part of fashion and warmth. In a good collocation case, socks often can have the effect that makes the finishing point, still can promote the fashionable feeling of the whole.

Length of socks

No-show socks: Hidden in your shoes, you can't tell if you're wearing socks from the outside. Many people choose these socks now. This is the simplest way to match, super convenient. Loafers, sailboat shoes, loafers, Doudou shoes, etc. are usually paired with these socks.

Ankle Socks: Socks that are low or slightly higher than the ankle. Usually with casual shoes, athletic shoes, etc.

Mid-calf socks: More than half or less than the calf. Generally with high-top shoes, middle-top shoes, sports shoes, etc.

Stockings: higher than the calf. Usually paired with formal attire.

Formal socks match

Formal wear usually comes with long socks. The color of your socks should be similar to the color of your suits, such as gray with gray, navy with navy, or beige with a dark tan or dark brown. Socks that are slightly darker or lighter than pants are also fine. It's safest with black.

If you want to have a little more fun, you can wear them with dark striped socks or argyle socks.

The echo

The color of socks should echo the color of clothing, accessories, and shoes. For example, wear a red hat with red striped socks, plain shoes with plain socks, and so on.

With the style of clothing design echo. For example, pinstriped tops and socks with thick stripes, cartoon-style clothes and socks with cartoon patterns, and black and white checked pants and socks with black and white checked.

Traditional collocation

Generally, you can keep some black socks and no-show socks at home. Check, houndstooth, wave point, stripe, snow pattern, vertical rib, argyle pattern, pure color, national wind wool socks are a good choice. In the choice of color, black is the most versatile. In addition, plainclothes can be paired with plain socks, or paired with socks with similar colors.

Bold challenges

Plainclothes with bright socks, let the socks become the center of the whole vision. Pair brightly colored outfits with brightly colored socks to give you a flirty look.

The collocation of contrast colors: yellow and purple, red and cyan, etc.

Complementary colors: red and green, cyan and orange, black and white, etc.

The above collocation should see the saturation and hue of the color, the color match will be a big mess.

Size and material selection

The size of the socks is the sock bottom (refers to the socks with the socks to the tip of the part) of the size of the standard, the general socks are marked on the trademark, according to the length of their feet to choose the same or slightly larger size.

The choice of materials: winter can generally choose nylon socks, towel socks warmer. The sock of thick knit material is good also, have quantity feeling quite, but the sheet that should match a few coarse and mad is tasted, such as tannin, leather, coarse hair, wait. Cotton socks are a good choice in summer. Cotton socks are good at sweat absorption and air permeability. The durability of socks generally depends on the thickness of the forefoot, the position of the toes, and the heel.

Matters needing attention

Don't show your white socks. Don't wear silk stockings. The sock mouth should be close to the calf, not too loose. Keep your socks clean and textured.

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