How do men choose socks? (Chapter 3)

In summer, short socks are the main choice.

Match accordingly as follows:

  1. Invisible boat socks: These socks must be matched with sailing shoes, loafers, peas shoes and lazy shoes. The upper of these shoes are very low, the purpose is to expose the ankle, so the socks should not be exposed to occupy the area of the ankle.
  2. Ankle socks: Matched with low-top canvas shoes, board shoes and sports shoes.
  3. Wrapped ankle socks: Matched with mid-top board shoes and sports shoes.

When wearing shorts and cropped trousers, the socks can be higher than the shoes, but how much is appropriate? Generally, 1.5-4.5cm is suitable. If you find it troublesome, you can try this method of wearing - invisible boat socks, creating the illusion that you are not wearing socks. This method of wearing is also popular in recent years.

From the details to know what socks are good:

Many people think that summer is hot, so wear thin socks, which is actually not the case. Good quality socks are very breathable, and the thickness has little effect on it. In addition to being more durable, thick socks absorb sweat better and make feet dry. Good socks generally thicken at the toes and heels where there is a lot of wear. The foot surface will use a thinner weave to increase breathability, and use screw threads to enhance protection and wrapping.

There are many details, take invisible boat socks as an example:

  1. Screw threaded edge is more durable than raw edge and is not easily deformed.
  2. The towel fabric is more absorbent. Ordinary thin socks are more prone to stinky feet.
  3. Look at the sewing head, the socks are divided into hand-sewn heads and machine-sewn heads. The hand-sewn head seams are completed at one time, which is perfect and smooth; the machine head has protrusions, which are not so comfortable, and the seam on the side of the hand-sewn head is more close to toes.
  4. The boat socks are too low and easy to fall off. Good boat socks have silicone anti-skid strips. The rough socks are only one piece of large silicone. The good socks have multiple horizontal or vertical silicone strips.
  5. Looking at the heel, the heel shows a 90 ° foot, which is more ergonomic and more comfortable to wear, making the heel more fit and non-slip.

Now after the baptism of female public opinion, I believe that young men in China should not wear stockings anymore. In this era of nine-point trousers, even if it is not a cropped trousers, it is necessary to roll the trousers into a cropped trousers, exposing the ankles, that is called a handsome. So most boys also have boat socks or shallow socks in their wardrobes. But in winter, the ankles are too cold! How to do? Put on sultry low and medium stockings!

Matching skills
1. Echo

The socks are the same or similar in color as one of the clothing accessories. This is the laziest and most ingenious method. Choose one of the colors worn by the clothes, today's custom socks
wear this color.

2. Same color

A. Pants, socks and shoes belong to the same color system. The color changes from dark to bright from top to bottom, highlighting the bright spots of the shoes, and the effect is very good.
B. Socks and shoes or trousers have a color, different shades. The simplest is black pants and black socks, which has the effect of extending the length of the legs, suitable for boys who are not tall.
C. Compared with solid color socks, the advanced version of the practice is that the selected socks have some patterns echoing and matching on the basis of the same color system.

3. Different from left to right
It is a bold and personalized approach. Forget the sight of passers-by, brave to be yourself! However, it is best that the two personalized socks have something in common, such as different colors of the same style.

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