How do men choose socks? (Chapter 2)

How do men choose socks? (Chapter 2)

In the last article, we classified the materials and uses of men's socks and provided a basis for our wearing and matching. Next, we will analyze according to wearing time, wearing occasion, wearing object, wearing purpose, and provide reference for everyone according to the specific situation.

Formal wear:

  1. In any case, it should be emphasized that formal wear cannot wear white socks. Some people always feel that their temperament matches Michael Jackson. In fact, not only can't wear white socks for formal wear, almost all pants and shoes can not wear white socks, the only exception is sports shorts + sports shoes. The students are mostly white socks, it will be hard for you to wear them after work. If you are all working and still have more custom athletic socks, you can only say that you are a physical education teacher. Normally, you can never buy white socks.
  2. In color, formal pants + black custom socks + leather shoes are the safest match, but please pay attention to the length, the standard is that no feet will be exposed no matter what action.
  3. Under no circumstances should the material of stockings be used. Pure cotton is preferred (bamboo fiber and hemp cotton are also acceptable).
  4. Style: In fact, in addition to the smooth surface without patterns, the safest style has vertical stripes that can make the ankle thinner, which is a boon for those with thick legs. It is necessary to pay attention to flatten the socks, otherwise the wrinkles are very obvious and look very sloppy.

Business casual:

Business casual (smart casual) should be the most widely used. In this case, it is recommended to add some sentiment to the socks, which can reduce the dull feeling of solid color matching. The details work harder and more refined.

  1. Simple patterns are the easiest to get started. But for beginners, don't choose a pattern that is too fine and broken, large diamond lattice is easier to hold.
  2. Generally speaking, the dark combination of black and gray grids is easy to wear "low" feeling, inadvertently dew blue, red or green when walking, it's a good choice.
  3. There are many patterns, earth colors, dark blue is more suitable for walking between casual and formal colors. If there is a blend of bright colors, the proportion of bright colors should not be too much, it will be too fancy, unless the pure casual, otherwise the main color is still dark.


  1. The patterns are more flexible, such as stripes: fine stripes need to be cautious, if they are all bright color combinations, it is better to be wider.
  2. In fact, it is easier to grasp the wave point: wavelet point can also be used as a business casual mix. For example, denim pants + polka dot socks + brown leather shoes is a perfect match. But note that the blue and white match accounts for most of the polka dot socks, it's the safest and best looking. Red socks with white dots are fine. It is not easy to match other colors.

Length of socks:

Note that the above are all long socks, because as long as socks matched with trousers or cropped trousers, it is not recommended to expose the skin.

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