Here are some tips for matching socks that make you look good and fashionable

I used to think that anyway, socks are worn inside, and won’t take them off for others, just wear them casually. Moreover, the trend at that time was not to show socks for beauty. Rolled up trousers and exposed ankle in winter, choose to wear socks in order not to expose the socks. But the trend has been changing all the time, and now the personalized socks have gradually become the highlight of the trend, and wearing the right socks will be very striking. Today we will talk about what are the more daily and popular personalized socks!

Two very special socks are popular this year, tulle socks and gold and silver stockings. These two kinds of stockings look very transparent, lighter and looser than stockings, full of hazy fairy spirit. Vaguely revealing a slender ankle, significantly thinner. Wearing a pair of black Oxford shoes and a pair of tulle socks, the girl's sense of liveliness appears in seconds. Such a beautiful dressing method easily becomes the highlight of the whole body. The little pearl of the gold and silver thread has a futuristic feeling, although there is no tulle sock fairy, but it is more fashionable.

In fact, I haven't always liked nets socks because nets socks give me a very strange feeling. However, since last year, the streets are full of net pantyhose and ripped pants. This kind of combination is actually pretty good. Starting this year, everyone chooses nets socks and shoes, not full nets, but vague meshes. This more restrained wearing method will not give people a strange feeling, but it is quite in line with everyone's aesthetic. Cool skate shoes reveal a small piece of nets socks to enhance the sense of whole body fashion. The nets socks and loafers are also cool collocations. The loafers are relatively dull. The personalized nets socks instantly break the dullness of loafers, and the fashion rises.

Sneakers can be said to be very versatile on clothes, as long as casual clothes can be worn. So what socks to wear with sneakers? Striped socks! Striped socks come with a casual fan, and the combination of sports shoes is very suitable for the student party. Not only does it reduce age, but the sense of sports also rises. However, sports shoes and striped socks will honestly reflect the height, so it is recommended to wear high-waisted cropped trousers for the bottoms, and only a little socks should be exposed.

If you want to wear a skirt with striped socks, the skirt is best not to knee, so as to achieve the effect of stretching the proportion of the legs. The blue and red striped socks are a must-have, you can mix and match casual and lady long skirts at will, and they all have fresh student temperament.

Girls who love colorful socks must have a pair of black loafers! What color matching socks can be perfectly controlled! Use light-colored small leather shoes to match socks, such as white and off-white. The temperament appears softer and fresher, but the retro flavor is not reduced. With a variety of colorful socks is still extremely fashionable.

Sometimes, it is not necessary to win by color! Choose socks with interesting patterns or letters, which perfectly blend with the casual sports style, which can also add highlights to the shape! The high-heeled shoes here mainly refer to those shoes with large exposed area, such as Mary Jane and pointed shoes. Of course, the most natural way of wearing is to match the same color with the same color to create the effect of pseudo-boots, to achieve a visual increase.

Compared to bright socks and bright shoes, dark socks with light shoes are much easier to accept. May wish to use a pair of silver Mary Jane to wear dark socks, so mix and match, there is always a fascinating sense of literary retro.