Here are some sock tips you need to know

The importance of socks!

Socks are an indispensable consumer product in people’s lives. Everyone wears personalized socks regardless of age and crowd, but do you know how to choose socks? Most people are eager to get cheap, and they don’t think it’s necessary to buy a pair of socks of good quality. As everyone knows, socks often contact the skin of the feet. Inferior materials or heavy metal socks can cause pressure on the skin and easily cause bacteria to grow on the soles of the feet. So choosing a good pair of socks in crucial.

How to distinguish the quality of socks?

Workmanship: Well-made socks are natural and comfortable to wear, mainly depending on whether they are soft enough and how the density is.

Taste: Socks are divided into knitted with colored yarns and knitted first and then dyed. If it is made of cotton yarn socks, there will be no odor when it smells, and it will have a slight fragrance; if the socks are knitted first and then dyed, they will have a strange smell.

Stitching: Turn the socks over, if there are threads like small braids inside, it means that this is machine stitched. The ends without small braids are hand-stitched, which quality is relatively better and it is more comfortable to wear. Usually, hand-stitched socks will appear in custom socks.

Raw materials: For deodorant socks, antibacterial raw material are very important! Natural, organic herbal antibacterial deodorant socks are more suitable for long-term contact with the skin, without burdening the body and without any side effects.

What causes the socks to fall out lint?

Pure cotton socks have natural short lint on the surface of the yarn, just like cashmere sweaters. After rubbing with the soles of the feet, lint will fall off. When the socks are made from the factory, they will have lint on them, which will be gone after washing a few times. If it is a blended polyester/cotton, this will not happen, but it will pilling, not easy to wash off and there will be filaments when pulled out, stuffy feet and smelly feet is also inevitable. However, blended chemical fiber socks are also beneficial, particularly strong and wear-resistant, different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can also choose custom socks according to your needs, as long as you like it.

Some socks always fall, what’s going on?

If the heel of the socks come off, the biggest reason is that the heels are not slip-resistant. When walking, there is a gap between the feet and the shoes, which will cause the socks to drift out of position; if the socks slip, it is because the shoes are too large, or the insoles are the cause! Try to avoid insoles that are smooth surface and airtight.

Although the socks are small, they can not be underestimated. A good pair of socks and a pair of suitable socks can protect the health of the feet and save us a lot of trouble.