Football socks

Sports can bring joy to people, but some sports enthusiasts do not care about dress, especially socks are always not given due attention, socks have always served as a foil. People have long been believed that shoes are mainly used to protect feet, but be aware that socks are the closest to your feet. If you choose the wrong socks, shoes will cause direct damage to your feet. Therefore, when exercising, socks are also very important. Today, let ’s talk about football socks.

Football socks, as the name suggests, are socks worn when playing football. Protect the player's calf.

The role of football socks

  1. The protection of the calf is the most important;
  2. At the same time, it is to install the leg guards, but also to get a long tube;
  3. Wear ball socks to make the muscles of the legs tight and more concentrated;
  4. The color of the socks of the two teams of players on the field is generally different, so players can more easily distinguish between friends and foes during scuffles;
  5. It is convenient for the referee to distinguish the legs of both players and improve the accuracy of the penalty.

Optional use

  1. Professional player version socks are generally made of Lycra cotton, the disadvantage is that the price is too high; generally speaking, towel bottom socks are the most cost-effective. For the ball socks, there is no real cotton ball socks. Generally, the cotton yarn content of the ball socks is between 60% and 85%. The socks need a certain elasticity. During the weaving process, certain elastic fibers (usually spandex) must be added, such as Lycra (actually a spandex from DuPont) is the best material for skin application. Generally, the entire pair of socks are not made of Lycra (Many socks are marked with cuffs only). In order to strengthen and elasticize the toe, heel and cuffs, artificial fibers are often used, which together account for about 15-40%. So what we mean by pure cotton (whole cotton) socks means that the yarns except for the elastic fiber and hanging thread are all cotton.
  2. There is no necessary connection between the thickness of the socks and blistering, but wearing two layers of socks is more likely to slip, and the feet will naturally blisters more easily.
  3. It is best not to use a washing machine to wash the ball socks, which will make the ball socks lose their elasticity and do not soak for more than 20 minutes. In addition, if you sweat a lot during exercise, the socks will become hard after drying. You can use boiling water and washing powder to cook for 20 minutes. If the socks are not elastic when washing them, put a little vinegar in the last wash, or soak them in the water that has been washed with rice for a while and then wash, then dry to keep it soft. Turn over the socks every time before wearing to check, and cut off if there are loose threads.

Leading the fashion

Football socks are not just things on the court. In Japan, the upper body of football socks has become a trendy item and is widely popular. The length of the over knee and the striped design of the socks make it dynamic and energetic, it is also clean and refreshing.

Today, stockings have become a scenery on the football field, with team uniforms, showing the different characteristics of each team and sports brand.

Football socks have also become one of the matching outfits for girls' daily clothing.

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