Five wool (velvet) socks matching methods

  1. Cashmere coat:

The combination of cashmere coat and wool (velvet) custom socks is a fusion of water and ice. A soft cashmere coat can set off the delicate texture of the socks, and the cashmere socks can reflect the nobility and elegance of the coat. The two blend in with each other to make the beautiful image index continuously improve.

  1. Pure wool, woolen cloth, tweed, woolen material, leather skirt:

Generally speaking, the thicker the skirt, the thickness of the socks should also increase proportionally. The thin fabric should be matched with the thin socks, such as stockings, velvet; the thick fabric should be matched with the thick socks, such as wool (velvet) sock.

The length of the skirt should also be linked to the thickness of the socks. Wool (velvet) custom socks are best matched with over-knee skirts, because when sitting in a short skirt, the folds of the socks at the knee will be unobstructed and look very unsightly.

  1. Boots, sandals:

Although winter wears boots, style is different, the collocation is also different. Generally elegant and feminine boots are suitable for thin socks, which can make women’s beautiful legs more slender and attractive; while casual and ski-style boots are suitable for heavy socks. Socks can create a warm and thick feeling visually. If you add a few leather buckles or the same color wooden buckles as embellishments, it is more suitable for wearing in late winter.

Sandals are one of the latest pairings of wool (velvet) custom socks, but not all sandals can be paired with wool socks. High-ankle leather sandals matched with the same color or wild color wool (velvet) socks can wear the effect of short boots.

  1. Color and texture match

For women who are afraid of cold, a pair of wool (down) socks is not enough to resist the attack of the cold. If you wear autumn pants or thin pants in the socks, although it is warm, it really affects the lines of the legs. The slender legs turned into ugly elephant legs and radish legs, it's better to wear pants directly. In fact, the reason why the legs are cold is not because the wool (velvet) socks are not warm enough, but because there is still a gap between the socks and the legs, so the cold wind "did the vacancy". If you want to keep warm, you should reduce the gap of the knitted fabric and increase the compactness of the sock. Therefore, when wearing a skirt, first wear a pair of stockings, and then wear a pair of wool (velvet) socks on the outside, you can make your legs "a hundred cold will not invade" and experience the comfort of four seasons like spring.

  1. Using stockings skillfully, more warm:

Like the matching of clothing materials, the matching of wool (velvet) socks and clothing colors should also be "light and thin". The correct matching principle is that the color of socks should be lighter than skirts and shoes, that is, to achieve "deep-light-deep "effect. For example, when you wear a pair of milky white or very pale pink boots, you should not consider wearing too thick socks, preferably a velvet texture; for another example, although a white skirt is thicker, but its color is very "light", it will look light and heavy with wool (velvet) socks.