Fashion Matching of Men’s Socks

Don't underestimate socks, men who can match socks are the real fashionable men!

Now more and more men are starting to care about their dress image, and they have begun to learn various dressing skills to improve their dressing taste and make themselves more handsome and fashionable!

However, no matter how many dressing skills you have mastered, if you ignore some of the details in your image, then you can really use the saying "a rat shit breaks a pot of soup". Using details to shape your own style is also a command for you to express fashion. Usually, you don’t pay much attention to the details, but it can add points to your overall outfit. Such as socks.

Socks seem simple, it seems that the area occupied by the whole set is relatively small, but it is the most troublesome part of your dressing. If you match socks well, not only is it a symbol of your taste in clothes, socks also play a vital role in your overall image.

You can imagine if you are chic and handsome in a suit, but with a pair of bare feet, how would you feel when others see you dressed like this? It must be extremely uncomfortable! It's like you see others wearing sports socks and trousers. Similar dresses abound on the street, on the bus, and the subway.

Wearing cropped trousers and exposing ankles has become a fashionable way for many men to pursue fashion. This also gives more and more opportunities for socks to "show their faces", which also means that socks have become more and more important in the overall image of men.

So, next, let's analyze for men, as a sportsman, how should you choose the color and style of your socks to add the finishing touch to your image and highlight your sportsman's temperament!

The choice of socks style that suits you

Regarding the style of socks, it mainly includes the pattern and fabric of socks. What kind of pattern and fabric you fit for socks are related to your natural style. Your natural style determines the styles of your various items from head to toe, including socks.

When the style of socks matches the style of the whole body clothes and your own style completely, then it is time for you to become a handsome man!

1) The choice of socks pattern

Non-patterned, solid-color socks are more common, such as black, white, or other colors of solid-color socks, all belong to this category. Regarding this type of unpatterned socks, when putting on them, you only need to pay attention to the color matching techniques and the occasions you attend, which can well highlight your fashion personality.

In addition to solid color socks, patterned socks such as striped socks and check socks are also common. In the choice of socks styles, the color of socks is not within the range of choice of socks styles. As for which pattern of socks suits you, it depends on your natural style.

Among the five major styles of men, the one who chooses more styles is the high-end, rigorous, and classic style men. Classical style men should pay attention to the rules and regulations. Socks patterns should not have too much design sense.

For example, unpatterned socks or socks with patterns with equal stripe spacing are very suitable for classical-style people. The opposite of classical styles are men with fashion and drama styles. Although the proportion of socks in our overall outfit is very small, the patterns of socks must have a sense of design, to match their styles. If the style of the clothing also matches their own style, it will be even more perfect!

2) Selection of socks fabric

In addition to the pattern is an important element to consider when choosing a socks style, the fabric of socks should also be considered, especially for men with classic and natural styles.

The general socks on the market are mainly cotton socks, mainly because of the difference in cotton quantity and quality. But for the classic style men's socks, the fabric should not be too rough, combed cotton socks will be more suitable for them than ordinary cotton socks.

Natural-style men are very suitable for wearing this kind of heavy fabric socks. For example, natural-type people can choose tannin, leather, or coarse wool. They are all suitable for these fabrics, but it must be noted that the whole fabrics of your clothing should also be suitable for your natural style so that the style of each item can be consistent throughout the body!

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