Fashion Girl’s Sock Matching Tips

The love of beauty is the nature of every girl. Go shopping is always the source of happiness for most girls. Buying new cosmetics and bags is a happy thing. Besides, clothes and shoes should be the most frequently bought by every girl. After all, only a good match can you have a good mood. But a lot of people are ignored, actually, the collocation that attracts eyeball also can produce on the small sock.

Common types of girls' socks

1.Mid-calf socks

As the weather gets colder, girls need to keep their ankles warm. A pair of mid-calf socks are the best choice. Simple solid color mid-calf socks can make the whole match more wonderful, the girl that likes to act exaggeratedly a bit can mix color collocation even. Who says socks have to be the same color? Still have all sorts of decorative patterns in stocking, suit the girl with individual character, can let you become the bright spot in the crowd instantly. What's more, mid-calf socks are fashionable and easy to match. Whether it is jeans or short skirts, sneakers or leather shoes, mid-calf socks can match well. At the same time in fashionable, also did not lose the temperature, really kill two birds with one stone thing.


Stockings are the collocation that suits Japanese schoolgirl style quite, a simple hoodie tie-in small skirt, lower body matches stockings and small leather shoes again, it is very gentle and cute style. To a certain extent, the collocation is good, can lengthen the leg proportion, the vision appears higher, it is also a reduce the age artifact!


A lot of girls wear pantyhose when it gets cold. Pantyhose come in a variety of colors. Black and skin tone are the most popular color combinations. Black tights flatter your legs and make them look slimmer. Skin-toned pantyhose are a leg-bare accessory worn under a skirt, which is very stylish. In addition to these versatile pantyhose, there are also many different styles of socks, such as patchwork colors and prints, that you can mix and match according to your tastes.

Above 3 kinds are everybody necessary sock, still need reasonable collocation to let your modeling look better of course.

Reasonable collocation

Mid-tube socks are best paired with sneakers for street style, style, and good looks.

Pantyhose can be worn with any kind of boots to keep you warm and stylish. The length of boots can be chosen according to their height, height is not very high to choose the short style of boots as far as possible.

Stockings are just as good as the shoes above, but try to be girly and preppy in your outfit choices.

Pantyhose and pantyhose can be added to each other, making them suitable for those who are afraid of the cold. If you choose the right color, you can wear another pair of pantyhose over the pantyhose and add a layer.

Socks matching skills

1.Your socks should match your shoes perfectly, but they should also match your pants. If you wear black leather shoes, choose black socks and black pants. This will lengthen your leg lines and make them look smoother, while also making you look slimmer.

2.Choose patterned socks that match shoes, but also other items of clothing. This is a great option for those who don't like solid colors. For example, green socks with a diamond pattern can be worn with a green shirt.

3.Choose a color in the same color scheme. Look for colors that match or complement each other. Dark brown or tan socks work best when you wear brown heels, khakis, or socks that blend your colors.

4.The color of your socks should match your shoes, not your shirt. Under normal circumstances, the upper part of the clothing color should be the lower half-light. If you wear brown shoes and socks, wear light green or light blue on top.

5.Wear socks with shoes, not pants, except when wearing shorts. Buy suitable socks for exercise. For example, white socks should be worn to the gym.

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