“Exposing Socks” is very Popular, how to Match it?

If you are not ready for how to match socks, start with black socks. You can see it everywhere, so you can try it without burden.

After black socks, if you choose the same color combination for socks and shoes, there is no extra sense. When paired with cold-colored shoes and socks of the same color, it also gives people a warm feeling. On the contrary, when choosing different colors for shoes and socks, we recommend bright color socks that have a clear contrast with any color.

When challenging detailed socks, shoes also choose gorgeous designs to show off the presence of feet, which is also a trend of fashion style. According to the size of the mesh, from ordinary to elegant, it is a kaleidoscope of items.

Recommended match 1,Socks choose the same color as the top

1) After unifying the beige, the skirt is more prominent.
2) Uniform navy blue, when the top and socks choose the same color, adjust the up and down balance to highlight the overall match.
3) Uniform orange, highly recommended to short people! Fresh and lively style, even very attractive style.

Recommended match 2

1) Use colorful socks for embellishment. A little carelessness can show a monotonous dark blue + white dress, with yellow embellishment, it becomes a more gorgeous style.
2) Ordinary casual wear? If you want to decorate it differently, you can use socks to embellish it from simple to cute.
3) Pattern socks are embellished. It's so cute even if you wear it like this. If you want to match it with fun, try socks with fresh patterns!
4) A T-shirt and jeans combination that everyone likes. Do you want to dress cooler today? So, use striped socks as an embellishment!

Recommended match 3

1) Black socks, a black effect with a slim ankle. It is human nature to not give up the curvaceous beauty of denim. If you wear black socks, your ankles will look slender.
2) The cute plaid jumpsuit, paired with black socks and black flat shoes, gives a visual illusion, making the legs extra slim.
3) When wearing white skinny jeans and feeling a little stressed, pair them with black socks to make your legs slim. At this time, burgundy or khaki tops are most suitable.
4) Sensual casual wear that matches with the trench coat, and black socks are also suitable.

10 ways to reuse socks

Sometimes unconsciously, a sock is gone? Only one is left. Throw it away to waste, don’t throw it away and don’t know where to use it. Today, I will introduce a few ways to reuse socks.

1) Protective bag for car window wipers. Throw the unused socks on the car, take them out, and put them on the wipers whenever it snows, and the wipers can be used normally the next day.
2) The elastic band used for exercise can be cut according to the size of your mobile phone and the position of the earphone.
3) When using earrings, screws, pins, and other small objects on the carpet or sofa, put the socks on the vacuum cleaner hose and start.
4) For children's knee protection belt. Children who don’t know how to walk, crawling underground every day, will have knee pain, can use socks as a protective belt.
5) For cup sets. That is beautiful and warm.
6) Put the rice in the sock, rotate it out in the microwave, and turn it into a hot compress. It will be better to put some essential oils here.
7) For blinds that are difficult to clean, use a clip to put on socks, which can be easily cleaned.
8) Rags. Of course, the material of these socks has certain requirements.
9) Use socks instead of umbrella covers.
10) When the chair legs and the bottom of the table legs make a serious sound, put a sock on each leg. It's not pretty, so it's good to cut and paste with scissors.

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