Elastic Stockings are not for Everyone

The stovepipe socks that are popular on the Internet are actually medically called elastic socks. In fact, such socks are very commonly used in vascular surgery. Lin Shaomang, director of the Department of Vascular Surgery of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said: "Patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities, wearing this kind of socks can prevent and treat diseases."

During the interview, Director Lin Shaomang held a pair of stretch socks to show the reporter: "This kind of socks are usually made of nylon and cotton. The special feature is that the socks have stepped pressure from the calf, knee, thigh, buttock, and other different parts. There are different weaves and therefore different pressures. After putting on such socks, the pressure on the legs is different. "

In general, the pressure of health-type elastic stockings is less than 20mmHg, and the first-level pressure is 20-30mmHg, the second-level is 30-40mmHg, the third-level is 40-50mmHg, and the fourth-level pressure is greater than 50mmHg (this needs to be customized). Lin Shaomang pointed out that after wearing such socks, it does have the effect of thin legs, and it is easy to lose 1 cm.

But this is just because the pressure on the legs after putting on the socks makes it easier to return the blood of the legs to the heart and squeezes the tissue fluid to the upper limbs and the abdomen, which naturally has the effect of thin legs. However, this is only a physical effect, and it has no fat-burning effect.

1. It is recommended for long-standing and sedentary people to wear

The so-called stovepipe elastic stockings were born to treat varicose veins of the lower limbs. Lin Shaomang said that this is because when a person changes from lying down to standing, the blood pressure in the leg blood vessels will increase significantly, the blood pressure at the ankle can rise by about 90mmHg, and the blood flow rate of the lower extremities is only 60% when standing still.

Therefore, if the natural venous wall of the lower extremity is weak, and people who stand or sit for a long time, such as teachers, accountants, bank employees, etc., the blood flow rate of the lower extremity is slowed, and the venous blood cannot return, it will accumulate in the lower extremity, which is very easy to induce Varicose veins.

It is understood that after wearing this medical elastic stocking, the pressure from the ankle to the thigh gradually decreases (stepped pressure), the pressure at the thigh is minimal, and patients with varicose veins can use the external pressure applied by the elastic stockings to the leg to fight the accumulation of blood in the lower limb.

In addition, elastic stockings can promote blood circulation in the lower limbs, increase the metabolic efficiency of muscles, and at the same time can take away the metabolites in time, which can reduce the fatigue of the legs. Therefore, for those who need to stand for a long time and those whose legs are prone to edema, you can use elastic stockings for health care.

2. Consult a doctor for medical stretch socks

At present, how much pressure is on the popular selling elastic socks on the Internet, and the socks of each brand are different. Lin Shaomang pointed out that the biggest difference between inferior stretch socks and medical stretch socks is stepped pressure. Usually, poor-quality socks do not have stepped pressure.

For the general population, the pressure of elastic stockings is preferably less than 20mmHg. If you buy a low-quality product or blindly pursue high pressure, it is very likely to close the local veins, forming blood clots and even the adverse consequences of limb necrosis.

Lin Shaomang finally reminded me that elastic stockings are only auxiliary to prevent varicose veins and edema, so there is no need to blindly pursue high pressure. In addition, due to the special weave of elastic socks, the pressure of each part is different. In addition to the elastic socks for health care, other therapeutic elastic socks require a doctor's prescription to buy in a pharmacy or hospital.

3. Do not wear elastic socks when sleeping

Some cuties wear tights when they sleep, and they can't even take off their slimming socks, thinking that this can have a shaping effect. Lin Shaomang pointed out that wearing elastic stockings during sleep will further increase blood return and increase the burden on the heart.

In addition, in patients with diabetes, arterial occlusion of lower extremities is not recommended to wear elastic stockings. After all, elastic stockings for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins are divided into health care type and therapeutic type.

Health care type: Less stress, suitable for professionals who standing, prevent the health care of varicose veins and thrombosis.

Therapeutic type: Grade 1, suitable for health prevention of people with a high incidence of varicose veins and thrombosis; Grade 2, suitable for patients with early varicose veins; Grade 3, suitable for patients who already have obvious varicose veins in the lower extremities with leg discomfort Phlebitis, severe varicose veins during pregnancy, patients with varicose veins after saphenous vein stripping, patients with deep vein thrombosis syndrome; Grade 4, suitable for patients with high swelling of lower extremities, ulcers, skin blackening, and hardening.

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