Do you like sleeping in socks

If we go to bed in socks, it helps to stabilize body temperature. Thus, we will avoid feeling of cold in the middle of night, and, in turn, it will help us to get enough sleep better.

All population of Earth can be divided into those who sleep barefoot and those who go to bed in socks. There are those who love at all seasons of the year that legs were “protected”, and even in the summer they cannot fully have a rest if something disturbs them.

To sleep in socks or without them? You learn about it from this article.

How you sleep?

Each person sleeps in own way. Some choose a cozy pajama, others prefer to take more blankets.

The third unscrew batteries on a maximum that in a bedroom it was warm and there was no need to muffle up. In the summer, they prefer the fan or the conditioner to sleep even without thin sheet from above.

The same and with the decision to sleep in socks or without them. In general, this matter of taste. We do not intend to force you to change the habits or to speak to you that you do everything correctly or wrong, but we just want to clear this question a little: whether it is useful to sleep in socks, or not.

Experts say that it is possible to carry to “minuses” of this habit that legs too strongly sweat during the night. Though socks help to keep legs in the warm, they can cause some not absolutely favorable consequences, including:

1.Infections (fungus, mycosis, peeling) 2.Bad blood circulation (especially, if socks too hard on anklebones) 3.Legs have not a rest and are not aired which lead to an unpleasant smell.

Good news is that for prevention of all these problems just it is worth putting on clean socks before going to bed. That is, never you go to bed in the same socks in which you walked during the day. It is a good idea to choose custom cotton socks. In summer, you should opt for more breathable socks. While choose custom wool socks in winter will keep your feet warmer.

All in all, it is necessary to use that type of socks which do not squeeze an anklebone and do not worsen blood circulation.Try to choose cotton or better still, special socks which are used, for example, on planes or for long trips.

Custom socks is a good choice because its quality is better than regular socks. You also can design your own pattern on it. Both the material and the size are your personal customization that will make you feel more warm and more comfortable. You can order loose socks so your feet do not feel hard when you sleep.

So, if you want to sleep as the baby, without waking up in the middle of night, is better to sleep in socks. Whether you know that those who put on socks for the night feel more comfortably than if they were spread with several blankets? What a wonderful thing sleeping in socks in winter!

Socks will prevent sharp changes of body temperature, and it will not sadden your dream!

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