Do you know the yoga socks

When doing yoga, we often don't wear shoes, but just wear a pair of socks that look very "sporty". Although yoga socks are just a pair of socks, they can give people a more comfortable and free feeling.

Yoga socks are special socks designed according to the needs of yoga practitioners. Its role is to protect the body of the yoga practitioner, reduce the probability of slipping during training, and it can effectively maintain personal hygiene. Yoga socks are different from ordinary socks. Yoga socks are designed with plastic dot-shaped particles that increase the coefficient of friction on the back, which can effectively prevent yoga practitioners from accidentally slipping their feet and slipping when doing movements.

In winter, yoga socks are a necessity. Because winter weather is relatively cold, in order to keep warm, many people will choose to wear yoga socks, and custom yoga socks will have massage particles at the bottom, so that the body will get a better massage. Yoga socks still have many benefits. For personal hygiene or public health, always wear well.

Material of yoga socks

Most of the non-slip socks for yoga are made of water-absorbent materials, and some products use new quick-drying materials. The durability of water absorption and quick drying has been greatly improved. The bottom of the traditional yoga socks uses a special terry structure to provide cushioning and shock absorption for the feet in motion.

The role and use of yoga socks

In the practice of yoga, the coach often discourages wearing yoga socks, but the dedicated yoga socks are provided with dot-shaped plastic anti-slip particles on the back, which can not only effectively prevent yoga practitioners from slipping their feet when doing movements , Effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners. And with the help of yoga-specific socks, many yoga practitioners will easily grasp the true meaning of some yoga moves, increasing the effect of yoga practice and a sense of gain. Yoga practitioners sweat their feet during practice. In this way, the floor or public yoga mats are very unhygienic. Yoga socks can not only effectively maintain their own hygiene, but also maintain public hygiene, and are an auxiliary product for practicing yoga.

Yoga socks performance

  1. Good yoga socks have rubber anti-skid particles at the bottom of the socks. The round and full particles can provide anti-slip, buffer and shock absorption to the feet in motion.
  2. In addition to rubber particles, good yoga socks have ultra-cotton terry inside the sole, which has the functions of cushioning, breathing, sweat absorption and shock absorption.
  3. Yoga socks are generally thick and avoid touching the ground to make the soles too cold.
  4. Custom yoga socks should also have anti-slip, antibacterial and deodorant effects to avoid the embarrassment of sweating during exercise.

Yoga sock style

  1. Full-toe yoga socks, wrap your feet in 360 degrees in all directions to prevent injuries during exercise.
  2. Open-instep yoga socks, exposed insteps, to avoid excessive sweating, this style of yoga socks is suitable for summer wear.
  3. Open-toed yoga socks, this style is fashionable and novel.
  4. Five-toed yoga socks, this style is more healthy and hygienic.
  5. Two-toed one-piece yoga socks, separate the thumb from the other four toes, stylish and healthy.
  6. Non-slip yoga socks. When the movement of yoga is difficult, you need to wear non-slip yoga socks, which can effectively avoid slipping, and the comfort is higher.

Only good yoga socks can play a better role. A personalized yoga sock can be customized for you to achieve better results in practicing yoga.