Do we need to customize our own football socks

Do you have a hobby or habit of playing football? Do you enjoy paying football with your friend on the weekend?Do you enjoy winning the football match? If so, it is necessary to customize your own football socks. If you follow football sport then this article is worth reading.

What is football?

Football is known as the "world's number one sport" and the most influential sport in the global sports world. A standard 11-a-side soccer game consists of two teams each with 10 players and one goalkeeper, a total of 22 players, playing, defending and attacking on a rectangular grass field. Try to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal during the game, and each goal will get one point. When the game is over, the team with the most points wins.If the score is the same in the prescribed time, it depends on the rules of the game.

In football match, each player on the pitch can only control the ball by using other parts of his body other than his hands, except the goalkeeper who can use his hands to touch the ball in his own penalty area. You must hear these five highest level european football league in the world: the La Liga, the premier league, Serie A, bundesliga and La liga.

What is football socks?

Football games in addition to professional clothing, football socks are also indispensable. It is one kind of custom athletic socks. Usually the length of football socks is knee high socks, or over the knee socks. A pair of professional football socks can make you safer and more comfortable to exercise. The role of football socks in playing football is very important, it should not be overlooked.

Why we need football socks?

  1. Football socks can absorb the sweat of the lower leg, keep the instep dry, which is sure to help maintain the comfort of the feet.
  2. Protect your calves. That's the most important thing. Wearing it, your feet and legs are add a protective cover, even if the rub or fall, will not easily scratch. You know, if the skin on your feet gets grazed while playing football, not only will it bleed, but it will get infected with bacteria. That's horrible.
  3. Protection of the knee is necessary in all movements. Especially in winter, the insulation effect can not be ignored.
  4. At the same time in order to be able to mount a leg protect plate, so football socks’ leg are generally longer.
  5. Wearing football socks will tightens the muscles in the legs and focuses the energy.
  6. Quality of good elasticity so that the football socks can adhere to your legs, not become loose and affect the movement of the players.
  7. On the field, two teams have different colors of foot ball socks, so it's easier for players to distinguish between friends and foes in a melee. In YINUO custom sock manufacturers, you can customize your football team's exclusive pattern and color of the football socks.
  8. Football socks can also facilitate the referee to distinguish between the legs of two players, improve the accuracy of the verdict and punishment.

Most of the custom football socks we make of cotton, and the bottom part of the foot has different degrees of thickening, unlike other daily wear socks, material diversity and socks thickness also does not matter. This is because we have to take into account the damage caused by friction from starting, braking, etc. If the bottom of a football sock is very thin it will easily cause the sole of the foot to peel.

Professional players version of football socks is generally lycra cotton, the disadvantage is that the price is too high. Certainly, we also have another choice, the socks with towel bottom are the most cost-effective. There is no real sense of pure cotton football socks for ball socks, the general cotton content of football socks is about 60% to 85%, because football socks need a certain amount of flexibility. It must join in the weaving process of elastic fibers (typically spandex), such as lycra (a kind of spandex is dupont) is the best material to stick a skin, doesn't the whole composition of socks are lycra, (noted many socks socks only), stockings, socks, and and screw-type head for reinforcement and elastic effect, tend to use synthetic fibers, both added up to about 15-40%.So when we say pure cotton (100% cotton) socks, we mean that the yarn is 100% cotton, except for elastic fiber and suspension wire. So, cleaning football socks you had better not use washing machine, it can let the football socks lose flexibility, also do not soak more than 20 minutes.

Football socks are not just about the pitch. In Japan, football socks are widely popular and are a fashion item. The stripe design of the length that crosses knee plus sock lets its own have move feeling and vigor, also have clean and relaxed concurrently at the same time.

Today, knee high foot ball socks have become a necessity in pitch, with the uniform, showing each team and sports brand different characteristics. Custom knee high socks also become one of the collocation that schoolgirl dresses up daily.

Do you have any ideas about custom personalized socks for your football team? Or any ideas on customize the knee high that girls like? Please feel free to let us know that we can customize professional socks for you.