Different seasons, different socks to master the fashion and beautiful temperature

In different seasons, there are different socks for us to choose. In the hot summer, socks are mainly beautiful and comfortable. This season, women choose the most is stockings with elastic fibers. It has strong air permeability and soft color, it's comfortable and free.

Spring and autumn are the season with the most comfortable temperature. Cotton has its comfortable touch as the first choice for socks this season. This season, the frequency of going out is higher. You can choose some functional fiber and custom cotton socks.

In the cold winter, socks are mainly warm. Generally, blended socks containing about 80% wool is a better choice. It is stronger than pure wool socks, has the excellent effect of other blended functional fibers, and has excellent thermal insulation properties of wool.

Seasons socks match: master the temperature of fashion and beauty

In all women's clothing, personalized socks are the least subject to seasonal changes, it can even cross the seasons, completely unconstrained. However, in the past, socks can only be used as supporting roles in fashion, obediently hiding behind the stage and waiting to be "recruited" to play. However, for women who adore fashion and modernity, a pair of thoughtful personalized socks can cross the time tunnel of spring, summer, autumn and winter, helping women make a reasonable choice between beauty and temperature.

Seasons and temperature are always connected. What socks should be worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter are just like matching socks color with skin color, all need matching skills. Not only that, the matching of socks in different seasons also requires matching skills. And the matching of socks in different seasons also involves other elements such as clothing and color, so it needs special attention.

In addition, according to the four seasons, women can be divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each type of women has different requirements for wearing socks. Want to know what season type you are? The following sections will answer you one by one.

In spring, how to match socks to lead the trend?

Hiding a winter body can't wait to get out in the sun? However, in the early spring when the weather was still cold, caution beauty turned into "frozen". Throw away the heavy cotton pants and woolen pants, beautiful slim body because of the cold return to the bloated state. Unwilling? Reluctant? How to let the beautiful legs show up without suffering? A variety of socks can help you solve the problem. In addition to the warmth of practicality, different styles of socks add a bit of detail to the embellishment, smart women know how to use simple clothing to make themselves the most beautiful image.

See the season and know women

The woman in spring has white and red skin and light vitality. With warm and bright yellow as the background color, it can best set off her lively and beautiful temperament, especially the brilliant golden yellow, it's used on small accessories such as earrings, belts, socks, the effect will be better.

If it is matched with light-colored socks, it must be mainly soft, light and bright, such as light pink, aqua blue, ivory, etc., to avoid the use of pure black and dark blue.

In the next chapter, we will explain the matching of spring socks.