Different Environments Different Outdoor Socks

In outdoor sports, some people think that as long as socks wear thick, at least wear two pairs of cotton socks can have more adequate protection for the feet, this is reasonable, because two pairs of socks together can better stick to the feet, weakened the friction between the feet and socks.

However, in doing so, another problem is ignored. After a long walk, the feet will expand by 7% to 8%, and two pairs of socks will be tight around the whole foot, even the part above the ankle will be included, resulting in the blood circulation of the feet is not unobstructed, which will cause some diseases of the feet. In winter or extremely cold areas may cause unnecessary frostbite. So, we'd better order a pair of high-quality outdoor socks, so that a pair of socks is enough.

Why do we need to customize a suitable pair of outdoor socks?

When walking, especially in hiking, mountaineering, and other outdoor sports, people will find that the feet have blisters or calluses, this is mainly because "socks", "feet", "shoes" cooperate improperly caused. Because socks are in direct contact with the foot, it besides should have the functions of the most basic warm, more main function is to protect the foot, that is caused by lower the feet for walking with shoes, the friction between so should socks and feet are attached with as much as possible, feet blister and callosity phenomenon is because socks too thin or high, and feet attached with close enough, so people in the process of walking, this should be socks and shoes are converted to the friction between feet and socks. Outdoor socks are specially designed for the feet. In sports, especially outdoor sports, it is very important to customize your own outdoor socks.

It is best to popularize the basic knowledge before choosing outdoor socks: outdoor sock structure and outdoor sock material. Outdoor socks are a type of sports socks.

In a different environment, should choose the outdoor socks of different structure, different material to use.

Here's how to choose outdoor socks according to the environment:

1. Climbing snow mountains, skiing, etc.

In extremely cold conditions, custom socks must be based on wool and other thermal fibers, use a terry structure, thicker, tighter.

This kind of custom outdoor socks length is recommended mid-calf socks or knee-high socks. Materials mixed with wool are best such as THERMOLITE, as well as NYLON and LYCRA. As for the choice of socks in extreme climate zone, they are not as good as COOLMAX. To ensure sweat performance, a pair of COOLMAX high content long fiber lining socks can be added.

2. At low altitudes of winter outdoor activities, such as camping, (except for ice climbing), custom socks can be made of wool and COOLMAX as the main material.

In terms of structure, it depends on the activity intensity and the length of time. If you have special thermal needs, you can add a pair of thin THERMOLITE high fiber lining socks. This kind of custom outdoor socks length is recommended crew socks or crew+ socks.

3. For low-altitude activities in spring, summer, and autumn, custom outdoor socks can be made with COOLMAX and cotton as the main material.

For activities with a long journey and long days, the content of COOLMAX is more, which makes it easier to handle. For short trips with fewer days, choose a sock with lower COOLMAX content. The structure depends on the activity intensity. This kind of custom outdoor socks length is recommended crew sock or quarter socks.