Customized Cotton Socks Steps

What are cotton socks?

Cotton socks are socks knitted with cotton yarn or thread. Definition of pure cotton: not 100% cotton content, so we can only say that cotton socks, and no pure cotton socks.

The pure cotton of socks is a broad sense only, from a narrow sense the Angle that says 70% above contains cotton content to be able to call pure cotton. Good combed cotton socks are not easy to pilling, do not deform wear warm, and absorb sweat.

The cotton content of pure cotton socks is generally 70% to 85%, and other components are about 15% to 30% of elastic fibers (spandex, nylon, rubber bands, etc.). Socks are woven with 100% cotton, no elasticity, easy deformation, loose, difficult to stick with your feet very good clothes, more can not talk about comfort, no socks factory will go to weave 100% cotton socks, the market is known as 100% cotton socks do not exist.

The applicable crowd of cotton socks is very big, also can prevent sweat foot. People with sweaty feet are better off wearing air-penetrating sneakers or leather shoes of good quality and wearing socks made of pure cotton to rest the skin on the sole.

Why choose cotton socks?

Foot sweat is a very common phenomenon, pure cotton has very good absorption of sweat, will bring a comfortable feeling to the feet. Advantages of pure cotton: soft and comfortable (necessary for sports), warm, sweat absorption, soles and insole of shoes without slipping, health care, durable wear.

1, Hygroscopicity: cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb water to the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8-10%, so it contact with people's skin, people feel soft and not rigid. If the cotton cloth humidity increases, the surrounding temperature is higher, the water in the fiber will all evaporate away, so that the fabric maintains a water balance, making people feel comfortable.

2, Moisturizing: due to the cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the heat conduction coefficient is extremely low, and because of the cotton fiber porous, high elasticity, between fiber can accumulate a large amount of air, the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so the cotton fiber textiles have a good moisturizing effect, pure cotton fabric dress makes people feel warm.

3, Health: cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, there are a small number of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin. After various inspection and practice, pure cotton fabrics and skin contact without any stimulation, no negative effect, wear for a long time is beneficial to human health, good sanitary performance

Types of custom cotton socks

Custom socks are available in many types, different patterns, such as stripes, prismatic, colorful, and so on. Custom cotton socks support your individual design and will be more unique than regular socks.

You can order according to your own preferences and needs.

According to technology differences, cotton socks usually divided into two major categories:

1.Custom Cotton Dress Socks (Suitable for both business and casual wear)
2.Custom Cotton Athletic Socks (Suitable for doing different kinds of sports)

According to socks length, cotton socks can be divided into:
1)No show/invisible cotton socks
2)Ankle cotton socks
3)Quarter cotton socks
4) Crew cotton socks
5) Mid-calf cotton socks
6) Knee-high cotton socks

If you have special size requirements, you can also send customized detail requirements to us.

According to the gender can be divided into:
1.Custom cotton men’s socks,
2.Custom cotton women’s socks
3.Custom cotton children's/baby socks;

According to the material, classification can be divided into combed cotton, Modal cotton, wood fiber, ordinary cotton, bamboo charcoal fiber, and so on many kinds. Cotton socks are not only comfortable but also absorbent and soft, becoming the mainstream material of socks.

Custom cotton socks with the colors you can choose

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. For customization, please provide the Pantone color that you want.

Do you know how to custom bamboo fiber socks online?

3 easy steps of how to custom socks online:
1.Select a sock. Search the socks on the YINUO socks home page to choose your socks kinds. size and color preference.
2.Design your sock:Email us your artwork or photo to create your socks. Design formats: PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.
3.Place your order:We'll start making the socks for you and ship them to you within one month.