Customized Bamboo Fiber Socks Manufacturer

Bamboo fiber socks are socks made of worsted bamboo fiber extracted and processed from natural bamboo. Bamboo fiber socks have good perspiration and ventilation effects, and they have a good deodorizing effect in summer.

The unique porous structure of bamboo fiber makes it have strong moisture absorption and moisture release, good softness and elasticity, natural high-strength antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mold, and special effects of removing mites. It can effectively remove odors and make the feet fresh and comfortable all day long. Cool.

Bamboo fiber socks function

  • Foot odor, bamboo fiber socks have good perspiration and ventilation effects and have good deodorizing effects in summer.
  • To prevent beriberi, bamboo fiber socks can kill most of the foot bacteria and prevent the spread of beriberi and other bacteria. Secondly, an athlete's foot is largely caused by the stuffiness of the feet. Bamboo fiber socks have very good air permeability, moisture absorption, and perspiration effect, and they can inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Keep warm and health care, a pair of good bamboo fiber socks can play a good role in protecting the feet, especially the ankles and other easily injured parts, which can keep warm in winter.

CUSTOM DESIGN: Any design and any color with knitting or printing (DTG) technology.
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