Customize father’s day socks that make your dad happy

The world's first father's day was born in the United States in 1910.Father's day is a special time of year to give thanks to fathers. Every country has its own father's day, and there are different ways to celebrate it. Father's day is celebrated in 52 countries and territories on the third Sunday in June. In order to repay our father, we usually give him a well-prepared gift on the same day, which is called father's day gift. So show your love for your dad with a special gift this father's day!

There are many choices for father's day gifts, such as clothes, glasses, razors, etc.Bespoke gifts are also popular choices.Socks are our daily necessities, especially for men, who need to wear socks more often. Customizing g a special pair of socks for your father is the way to go.Think of the warm and happy your dad would feel if he received a sock knitted with the best dad in the world, or printed with his picture, for the father’s day.

We usually need to know the recipient's preferences before choosing custom socks. If your father is a football fan, you can send a pair of customized football socks. If he loves basketball, you can customize a pair of basketball elite socks. In addition to making him better at sports, the socks can also be knitted with the words "The best father" and his name. If your father loved fashion, he must have heard of fashionable printed socks. Whether it is the night scene in New York, or the scenery in Paris, or his favorite soccer players or singers, or the photos of you and your father, all kinds of fashion patterns can be printed on socks through 360 degree printing.Such a pair of printed socks with a dazzling pattern would surely make him happy. If your father is an office worker or a regular commuter, you can order special dress socks for him.Of course, there are many other choices, we can choose the size, pattern, color, type and so on according to our own needs. This is also why custom socks are becoming a trend, because it belongs to everyone who is personally customized.

If your company or store wants to sale a father's day gift, it's also a good idea to customize father's day socks! In addition to customized socks, you can also customize a father's day themed gift box and wrap band. Such a complete set of exquisite packaging can reflect the atmosphere of the festival.

1.Custom socks you can choose:

Athletic socks: 144Needle. Athletic socks are more sweat-absorbing, wear - resistant and shockproof than regular socks. It also reduces injuries from exercise and keep you save.

Dress socks: 200Needle. Dress socks is suitable for for daily wear, including formal socks and causal socks. Length including no-show, ankle, crew, mid-calf, knee high, thigh high.

360DGT printed socks:As its name, the pattern of this kind of socks is printed on by machine, like we usually printed the pattern on paper and it just print on the socks. You can put faces, photos and so on on your socks.

2.Custom socks with the colors you can choose:

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. For customization, you just need to provide the Pantone color that you want.

3.Custom socks with the materials you can choose:

Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, Wool,Bamboo, Fuzzy and so on. Please choose the right materials for your customized socks.

4.The production process of customized socks:
Design - Sample - Knitting - Boarding & packing -Shipping. It always take 3-7days for sampling and -3 weeks for production.

Custom socks are easy!  Just send your design to us via the contact information on the home page and tell us your idea!