Custom wool socks that keep your feet warm and comfortable

ocks are used to protect the feet, prevent dust and keep them warm. They also aid in physical performance. If you don't have a good pair of socks and the uncomfortable feeling will irritate you again and again, how can you perform well in a social setting or seminar? Wool socks are a good quality and comfortable sock choice.

Wool is a natural material commonly used in textiles today. It is one of the best insulators after improvement, combining the best merino wool with the latest advanced technology. Wool socks won't shrink as easily as old wool socks did, and they won't smell as bad as synthetic ones. Also it known as living fibers, wool "breathes" fibers that, like skin, exude moisture from the body and insulate it from the winter's moisture. Wool socks of the same thickness lock in heat as cotton, hemp or other synthetic fabrics. This is mainly because its exterior has the unique composition of the scaly layer, it locks in body heat and it's more comfortable and warmer than regular fiber socks.

Wool socks can be used throughout the year:

In the spring

Spring is the wettest season, so it is essential to keep the heat when wearing quick-drying socks. Spring has melting snow, gurgling streams and muddy trails, so socks need to be warm and dry.

Synthetic fabric is the best strategy. Synthetic wool socks keep your feet warm and dry, thinner or thicker, depending on the temperature of the day.

In the summer

A warm breeze, a clear lake, and a rocky mountain top waiting for you. It's the best time of the year to go outside and try new gear! Summer is a time for running, hiking, biking and water sports. A good summer sock will provide just the right amount of cushioning while cooling your feet properly in hot temperatures.

Wool socks are great for breathability, allowing moisture to evaporate while keeping your feet dry.


In the autumn

When the leaves start to change color and the temperature slowly drops, it's time to change your sock choices. Fall is about finding the balance to keep your feet warm, not to overheat them.

Make sure your socks are thicker than they were in the summer, and don't leave your toes shivering in the cold with thin summer socks. You can choose thinner wool socks to keep warm.

In the winter

Winter socks are thicker and contain excellent insulation to keep your feet in a comfortable temperature range. Whether it's hiking, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing, the right socks ensure a pleasant experience without numbness or frostbite.

Wool is usually chosen and paired with a thin, sweaty sock lining. The lining socks act as moisture absorbent and sweat draining parts, while the wool socks provide the necessary insulation and cushioning.

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