Custom Winter Fashion Socks

Ankle bare-ankle fashion has been in fashion for years, but let's face it, it's a way of dressing that can leave you vulnerable to illness during the cold winter months.

This year's trend is finally a protest against this unhealthy lifestyle, and it's all about keeping warm. It is not good to show your ankles in winter, so you should wear socks that keep you warm and look good. How should you wear socks in winter? What are fashionable and nice socks?

Do we need to wear socks to bed in winter?

First of all, let's understand the little knowledge of wearing socks, although everyone's opinion is different, the truth is: wearing socks to sleep in winter is not good! We wear socks during the day when it's cold, and we wear boots when we go out, so our feet are stressed and we can't breathe. If you still wear socks to bed at night, your feet will not breathe all day.

It's not good for your feet in the long run, and if you're sleeping with socks on and you feel your feet sweating, take them off. Because foot sweat is not easy to get rid of, it is easy to breed bacteria, which in the long run can easily lead to foot moss.

Fashion socks for winter

1. Mid-calf socks with absorb sweat terry

I believe that many people even if the winter is cold, sometimes also will sweat. The choice of pure color is simple enough and generous enough to show the temperament. When you go out every day, you can choose a color you like or a color that can match your clothes, and fashion on your feet can be easily solved. The design of the absorb sweat terry lets you have no worries.

2. Nifty little heart stockings

If pure color is representative of simplicity and generosity, then this sock with the embellish of little heart, immediately with a little nifty already look, do a lovely elf in the winter, it is just the distance of a pair of socks, no matter what match shoes can be easily held. Like contracted with individual character amorous feelings you, can not miss such design.

3. College style pile socks

Socks can have a different vision. This fashion of stocking piles must be loved by many little fairies in winter. Breaking the conventional design, the hosiery mouth also added a striped element, a very academic atmosphere, a pair of socks will take you back to your youth. It doesn't matter if you're going through puberty or if you're missing your adolescence, they are all applicable for you!

4. Sweet love no-show socks

In fact, apart from the fashion in stockings, the charm of no-show socks in the winter is irresistible. This used the sock that lacy designs, it is the design that can let oneself maiden heart explode simply, the design with loving heart adornments, very have melting breath, put on it, the good mood of a day began. A very everyday sock, simple, is the way you like.

5. Coral velvet stockings

This coral fleecy sock is a girlish delight, and a long tube is designed to make the calves feel warm. That clean color, it is comfortable already look feeling expression, let this cold wintry day, also had a nifty breath. These socks are especially suitable for girls who love stockings. They are sexy when out and cute when at home.

6. Funny cartoon socks

When it comes to dressing and matching, we may be afraid to overdo it because of the occasion. At this time, choose a pair of funny cartoon socks that show off when you wear shoes, which are fun and show off your personality.

Like many patterned socks, covering elements such as people, plants, and animals, very distinctive, wearing these socks, as if their feet into a work of art! Some socks match colors retro and artistic, with animal patterns, a small one, very cute. Socks made of geometric patterns, matched with contrasting colors, have a sense of design as if you can have a good mood.

7. Plain socks

I feel the sock of interesting pattern, too individual character is afraid of hard control, can choose a few plain colors or the sock that color collocation minimizes.

The sock of plain color besides black and white ash, arrive the red yellow blue with saturate high, deserve to go up to match lubricious stripe, show thin not only, still have an artistic small and pure and fresh feeling very much. Some lace socks, very feminine, literary girl essentials. Contain the sock of a few small embroideries, use asymmetrical design, gout feels dye-enough, simple dress collocation also can wear give fashionable move.

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