Custom wedding socks that make the bride more beautiful

One of the happiest moments in a girl's life is to walk down the aisle with the one she loves. On this day, every girl will wear a beautiful wedding dress and shoes, but what can't be overlooked is the role of wedding socks. A good pair of wedding socks can not only add charm to the bride, but also add color to the wedding.

A lot of girls in order to get married this day, the preparatory work will spend at least 1-2 months, the need to buy wedding dress and dress shoes, take wedding photos and so on, but the wedding socks this small detail can not miss, that should how to customize the comfortable wedding socks?

  1. From the perspective of comfort and beauty

As the saying goes, a woman for beauty, can pay a lot, let alone a little uncomfortable? Just like men often have to be gentle and not warm. Everyone loves beauty, but think for yourself: your wedding day belongs to you. You have to be dressed for at least five hours with all eyes on you. In order to avoid the fretting and bondage that shouldn't belong to the bride, please customize your wedding socks with the right size, shape and style.

  1. From the perspective of style

On the wedding day, the bride is the focus of every guest, so there will be a lot of eye contact with the taste of scrutiny, and all your details will be magnified. So, of course, socks need some thought. What style best suits the shape and material of formal dress. Tights? Unless you want to spend the day without breathing, opt for supportive, tummy tucking pantyhose. Or, if you're naturally curvy and you don't need it, consider thigh socks or hose, which require garters. These are also great for long wedding dresses, corsets, and waist-tucking dresses to keep the pantyhose belt from accidentally showing. If you want to wear a ball gown like Cinderella, you have a lot to choose from: from all-see-through tights to knee-high socks.

3.From the perspective of the collocation of color

The devil is in the details. Have you decided on the socks to go with your wedding dress? If you think you're limited to nude, ivory or white, think again. Think about the subtle tones used in wedding dresses? Okay, same with socks, just choose complementary colors. Don't go for opaque materials because they're opaque and look heavy and don't really emphasize the leg line. Popular is to choose transparent material, look smooth, sexy. There are many transparent materials close to skin tone to make the legs appear, and there are also many subtle colors, such as yellowish brown, flaxen and petal. Want to add a little sex appeal? Choose gold or shiny materials to add shine or shine. Or, wear a pair of white fishnet socks outside soft colour silk stockings, make the image of fashionable individual character.

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