Custom tennis socks

When buying tennis equipment, many people overlook the importance of tennis socks. As a sport, playing tennis has high requirements for both horizontal and vertical movement, so the protective effect of socks on the feet is particularly important.

The difference between tennis socks and ordinary socks

Tennis socks, as the name suggests, are professional socks worn when playing tennis. Professional tennis socks are quite different from ordinary cotton socks. The action characteristic such as tennis sport stops jerky turn and jump is opposite tiptoe, sufficient arch and heel part demand is taller, so professional tennis socks besides compare common cotton socks thick besides, in afore-mentioned 3 parts still did thicken processing. This protects the athlete's toes from too much pressure and prick during special movements.

Why choose professional tennis socks?

Because of the tennis movement of rapid stop jerky turn and jump action characteristics, the need for a bit thicker socks. Professional tennis socks are thickened at the toe, arch, and heel to protect your feet from blisters, calluses, and harmful shocks, and to reduce pressure on the soles of your feet. Especially during quick stops and starts to protect the toes from excessive pressure or tingling.

Some tennis experts suggest that it is best to wear two pairs of socks when playing, and many tennis stars do the same, because no matter how good shoes can not be completely consistent with the foot shape, the gap between shoes and feet should be filled with cotton socks. And thick tennis socks will fully protect the soles of your feet, toes and fragile Achilles tendons. Tennis socks are very popular among tennis fans, a pair of professional tennis socks can not only maximize the protection of their feet, but also provide a guarantee for the normal play of the court.

The benefits of wearing two pairs of socks

  1. More fit the foot

It's almost impossible to find a pair of shoes that fit your foot perfectly, leaving more or less a gap. And when you are in the middle of a hard movement, especially when you are starting, stopping, and turning, your foot is more likely to slip in your shoe. Wearing two pairs of socks allows your feet to be better wrapped in shoes, allowing you to move more freely and safely.

  1. Protection

It is believed that many people have experienced toe pain after playing ball. This is because the toes get squeezed during the movement, which can lead to nail necrosis, embedding and even lead to infection in the long run. Two layers of socks provide a softer environment for the toes, without the feeling of being compressed by the shoe. On a larger level, it also provides a better cushioning for the foot, reducing the impact of movement on the ankle, knee and hip.

  1. Prevent blisters

Blisters can be the bane of many tennis players. After playing for a long time, various blisters appear on the feet due to the friction, which not only affects the current performance, but also makes the process of healing and recovery very painful. Two pairs of socks can increase the resistance between your feet and socks as well as between socks and shoes, and won't cause blisters easily.

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