Custom summer socks

Socks may be the most overlooked item in a man's wardrobe, but the devil is in the details. Summer is coming, and socks are more important than ever, because they need to be seen. I believe that many men have a lot of doubts about socks, when to wear socks, how to go with shoes, or what style for what occasion?

Should we wear socks in summer?

Socks should be one of the most overlooked details for everyone. A lot of people think that socks are half covered by pants and half wrapped in shoes, even though the most beautiful or expensive socks will not be seen, so they just hastily, wholesale a dozen black and white socks to wear. But for the person that pays attention to fashion, sock is absolutely the detail that can reflect a person's fashionable taste in essence, be like a man to wear pants to sit down when, often can show sock, add originality to this kind of small detail, choose colorful sock, can give a person leave deep impression. Especially in the summer, when the weather is hot, a pair of thin, airy socks will make your feet more comfortable. So wear your socks well.

Rule of sock matching

Comfort: choosing the right pair of socks in the summer can help you stand out from the crowd. While guaranteeing attraction, the most important point in summer is comfort. When choosing socks to match in summer, the primary consideration is comfort. Hot summer, in the heat to stay comfortable, breathable, is the socks need to pass the first test. So on material qualitative, besides cotton qualitative, natural fiber is the most appropriate fabrics undoubtedly, bamboo fiber, hemp fiber is right choice.

Appropriateness: when choosing socks, remember that not only matching your shoes is important, and but also need to consider whether they fit your clothes and are appropriate. There are a lot of socks in the collocation of matters needing attention, can not be ignored. Clean or not is also an important part of decency, shoes can be worn dirty, and there is even a deliberate effect of wearing dirty. But socks must not be dirty, untidy socks in the men's fashion collocation of the lifegate, if people see, impression points will be greatly discounted.

Integrality: must notice in the collocation of sock "similarity" this concept. Choose your socks according to your overall dress color and style.

Starting with color, it's a good idea to match the color of your socks to one of your overall accessories. Choose a design and color in the sheet that tastes from the body, choose a pair of socks of same design and color to undertake collocation again next, cannot make an error certainly. Another small trick is to visually stretch your legs by matching socks to shoes and pants in different tones.

Then we will tell from the style namely, the style that slant American style is a bit, can choose the sock that gray, coffee takes color of color restoring ancient ways slightly, do old hemp grain snow pattern to be able to compare the design of solid color more give a color. If you're a hip hop or rock men, your shoes are mostly Martin boots, redwings. So the best choice are patterned cotton socks. Day fastens style and cool style, sneaker adds light color socks to be the best choice namely.

Summer socks we can wear

  1. No-show socks

Many people choose to go barefoot in the summer, but with that comes the sweat. At this time, the no-show socks is an indispensable choice. This kind of design compatibility is extremely strong, can suit with the dress photograph of all styles almost, street, yuppie, sport, recreational formal attire can answer easily. Match with sneaker, loafer, sailboat shoe can build the feeling that gives summer relaxed and agile. In the choice, can pay more attention to its comfort.

  1. Dress socks

Formal socks are a must on formal occasions. Traditional dress socks are mostly monochrome or simple regular patterns, but do not wear white socks. As far as length is concerned and the length of calf is advisable. Of course, need to choose different dress socks in different occasions, not be to take out a pair of cotton socks casually from almcloset to be able to be used to match formal outfit, in important occasion or very formal circumstance, dress socks should choose the design that is close to with pants, shoe color, give a person a kind of sedate and sedate feeling. If you are going to a Party or gathering, it is also a good idea to choose a pair of eye-catching socks to enhance your charm.

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